For corrosive fluids, you have to go for higher corrosion resistance material as compared to non-corrosive service 1. •Screening out of materials that fail the design constraints. Design Flexibility – Thermoset Composites give designers nearly unlimited flexibility in designing shapes and forms. It helps in maintain minimum inventory levels. A standard is established for measuring and checking materials as supplied, preventing delay and waste that would occur with improper materials. Standard SpecificationsDescriptions of industry or internal standards. In the past, many construction specifications were written in this manner. The specs are a subcontractor’s field guide on what materials to use, how to install them, and the desired level of quality. If the specification is well written it can enhance project delivery for the whole construction team while saving everyone money. Formal specifications will ensure that the customer gets what they want. Yes! It is useful for estimating the project. Availability of resources such as materials and equipment as planned during project duration is one of the factors contributing to quality performance. Corrosive fluids such as – crude oil, Sea Water, H2S, Ammonia, Acids etc. The term quality has sometimes become a problem as it is a subjective matter and understood differently by different people and organizations. These benefits include: Speed of Construction. It’s a right that the buyer should put in the purchase contract. Bill of ... length, area, volume, weight or time. In sum, the available resources must be in accordance with the specification, sufficient quantity and functional. Due to this, wasting of workers’ energy occurs and they may end up physically fatigued. Effective material management is able to reduce the overall cost of material. Advantages of material removal process. The general specifications do not form a part of contract document. ASTM A 27/A 27M – 95 Grade 60-30 Class 1). The use of an office Master Specification ensures improved development efficiency and content quality for every project specification. Print. 0. The specification also serves as … The productivity is measured in terms of unit completely accomplished during given period and the related costs in terms of man-hours or money.After analysis in different industries, a research organization reported that the lack of materials is a primary factor. A method specification outlines a specific materials selection and construction operation process to be followed in providing a product. Cost is one of the major consideration in the entire cycle of projects. Low cost per cubic inch – When comparing costs based on volume, … Advantages of Composite Materials. There are different types of technical or engineering specifications (specs), and the term is …  Those facts translate into favorable (as in more negotiable) pricing in addition to the advantage of having a longer list of potential suppliers.  Even so, no matter how much the commodity a material might be, its supplier can differentiate itself in areas beyond price, for example: high and consistent quality; fast, reliable delivery; holding inventory; and, prompt responses to customers’ inquiries and complaints. A good specification should give a clear indication of the levels of quality you expect, the types of materials you want to be used on the job and how they should be installed, finished or tested. transmission rates for water-vapor and gases.  Viable candidates might include homogenous resins, copolymers, coextrusions, and coatings—just as long as the performance requirements are met.  After that hurtle has been cleared, considerations are given to the host of factors that should go into an informed ranking. 0. Even when there are other suppliers in the form of licensees, the total supplier list is likely to be shorter than a list of suppliers of non-proprietary material. The engineer / owner shall determine the concrete strength, air entrainment and other specific mix design details based upon geographic climate zone and project conditions. – Contractors bid based on specified materials. It should take into consideration the design objectives, constraints and free variables. 2. Poor material management can have a negative effect on project time, like the insufficient stock of materials, lead to idling time as workers try not to exhaust the stockpile or it is worsened by the work stoppage.

advantages of material specification

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