We will have a range of pedigree Soay sheep for sale, in 2021 All are pedigree and their parents are both registered, therefore they can be fully registered too. Soay sheep are so light that even months of hoof traffic in rainy conditions does not ruin an established stand of pasture grasses. Coyote are common in our area and mountain lions have been known to steal a sheep or goat once in a while. Its origins are in the wilds of western Scotland and its most important characteristic is its variety – variety in size, shape, wool and … Do NOT use mineral formulated for other livestock or a ‘universal’ mineral because it may contain copper. Soay are much smaller than modern domesticated sheep. An unheated, dirt-floor barn is ideal, or a three-sided shelter with roof will also work. Bring your sheep into a shelter or barn at night, or raise a livestock guardian dog (or llama) with your flock. curious, and kid-friendly. Soay wool is available in our farm store Aug-Sep. One of the great things about Soay is they don’t require a huge tract of wide open space. The ewes weigh 50-to-60-pounds, rams 65-to-75-pounds, and newborn lambs are the size of a bag of sugar. 223 Cook Ave Ext, Port Townsend, WA 98368   360-379-2434. Of course wearing 88 pounds of wool – the unfortunate situation of a sheep named Chris, who was found wandering in the Australian bush in 2015, after having been lost, and thus unshorn, for five years – also puts one at risk of heatstroke.Not to mention how hard it is just to move around. It is easy to install and made for use with t-post fence systems. After seven years of comprehensive Readers’ guide to the “Lambing” categories. breeding stock which allows us to offer starter flocks with broad genetic diversity. The Soay sheep comes from a line of feral sheep in Scotland and are a breed of North European short tailed sheep. One of the great things about Soay is they don’t require a huge tract of wide open space. They will not eat coarse, brown, or stemmy hay. We alternate orchardgrass hay and fresh pasture grass in spring-summer and solely hay in winter. * Feedstuffs suitable for Soay sheep include hay, haylage, coarse sheep mix, sugar beet shreds or pellets, ewe nuts. They need an available daily source of fresh water and mineral salt formulated for sheep. How many? pastures while grazing. descended from the flocks of primitive Bronze Age shepherds. population for thousands of years, completely unmanaged by man. Sheep registered with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust in Great Britain. the northwest coast of Scotland, where they have survived as a stranded, isolated The Soay sheep is a breed of domestic sheep (Ovis aries) descended from a population of feral sheep on the 100-hectare (250-acre) island of Soay in the St Kilda Archipelago, about 65 kilometres (40 mi) from the Western Isles of Scotland.It is one of the Northern European short-tailed sheep … Intrigued? Will I Newsflash: Sheep breeders almost always have more rams than they can use as breeders, yet all of us want to bring in new blood from time to time. What do they like to eat and how do they behave? Soay sheep are relatively easy to care for. We use sheep creep pellets. Meat of the Soay sheep is lean, tender and low in cholesterol. Four-foot tall wire fencing installed with steel t-posts will work. You are here. Soay (ewes weighing only 50 lbs.) Soay eat a variety of forbs, herbaceous plants and grasses and do well on marginal pasture that will not sustain many livestock breeds. Soay l ike wild sheep go through an annual rut in the fall. While some Soay sheep were relocated to form exotic flocks, this breed has largely remained feral and helps Soay’s ecosystem with its excellent agility, allowing it to graze in areas domestic sheep … They are wonderful for controlling blackberries and a number of other invasive plants. Remember that both male and female Soay have horns so watch that they don’t get their horns caught in the fence or gates. All sheep require trace minerals. Once they get used to hearing the rattling of pellets in a bowl they will follow you everywhere. Soay lack the flocking instinct of domestic breeds. Kathie and her friend Val were the first to foster the breed in the U.S. after importing a small flock under genetic study in Canada. Soay sheep are fine-boned and late maturing, with prominent withers. If you are looking for a young ram to diversify your flock, … Feed stores sell sheep mineral in granulated form. Adult ewes weigh 50 lbs, rams 75 lbs. The texture of their wool can vary, from soft fine wool to more coarse hairy fibres (or “kemps”), and … Always ensure that your feed manufacturer does not add any copper to any of … In 1931 Macleod of Macleod sold the archipelago to Lord Dumfries and the new proprietor had different plans for his new possessions. The Soay are small framed, good … Once they get the lay of the land this will not occur. Soay sheep need shelter from severe weather. They are designated At Risk, meaning there are less than 1500 known breeding ewes in the world. Rare in their home territory It’s the umbrella category for everything … The other way to get somewhat more meat from your Soay sheep is to keep them until they are 3 or 4 years old. Our flock is accessible for viewing and feeding. have to shear them or dock their tails? We have comfortably raised up to 30. sheep on approximately 1.5 acres. This includes an inner sheep yard with shade trees, a 16x24 sheep barn, and three fresh grass pasture paddocks. Range of pedigree Soay sheep for sale 2021- namesbeing take. They will not eat coarse, brown, or stemmy hay. Know their process, hours, and have their emergency care phone numbers handy. and even rarer in North America, this ancient breed is truly worthy of conservation. How big a starter flock? This advert is located in and around Leek, Staffs. Wondering where they came from, what the rams look If you are not sure about breeding your own lambs, you might prefer to start with a Our flock of British Soay sheep were initially hesitant to come closer because of the video camera I was holding. MacColl 2.1 Introduction 17 2.2 The islands of St Kilda 18 2.3 Human settlement on St Kilda and the history of St Kilda’s sheep 20 2.4 Physical characteristics of Soay sheep on St Kilda 25 2.5 Feeding … Once a year they need hoof trimming, oral deworming medication, and a Covexin 8 subcutaneous vaccination. Home » The Sheep Year. Over the years Kathie sustained the breed through an artificial insemination program with UK flocks, while introducing it to hobby farmers in America. These included transferring enough Soay sheep … non-breeding bachelor flock. authorities. This equates to 15 sheep eating approx. Injuries and illness will happen when you least expect it. Excess copper is toxic to sheep and it will kill them. It is often said that Soay sheep make wonderful … Adult ewes weigh 50 lbs, rams 75 lbs. In historic times, St. Kilda’s only settlement was at Village Bay on … Pemberton, T. Coulson, I.R. Since the sheep belonged to the Scottish laird who owned St. Kilda, Soay’s sheep were rarely carried home to be slaughtered for meat. Soay are easy keepers and easy lambers. collection of Breeders register sheep with the UK's Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST), and genetics are recorded in an extensive database. this year, the process should be much easier. Our efforts support the global conservation of this primitive elfin breed. They are thought to have Lambs in particular like to stick their heads through wire fencing to reach grasses on the other side so until they get older you will need to be watchful on a daily basis. When pasture is not available good quality grass hay (not alfalfa) will keep them healthy. Ewes grow to 40-50 lbs. A small circle of Soay friends have just unveiled a new web site, www.friends of soay.com This new site combines a half dozen, like minded friends who are trying to promote the best of the registered (purebred) British Soay Sheep. Providing good quality hay and augmenting forage with alfalfa or commercial … Place a feeder of mineral salt where the sheep can easily reach it whenever they choose in a sheltered area out of the weather. They are thrifty, shy, and helping to conserve the breed? We raise British Soay Sheep with full pedigrees traceable to Soay Are you interested in a purebred, full British flock, About Soay Sheep ► For much of the year, males live in bachelor groups occupying par ticular home ranges and feeding … The older Soay we have butchered weighed 10-15% more hanging and … Feed: Soay sheep eat grass and broad leaf weeds. We recommend you have one or two extra-large dog crates on hand to transport your sheep. Soay are easy keepers and easy lambers. © 2011-2019 Wilderbee Farm, Inc. All Rights Reserved. British Soay originate from the islands of St. Kilda off the coast of Scotland dating over 5,000 years ago. Soay are considered by many scholars to be the only living relic of man’s earliest semi-domesticated sheep. 1.5 bales per week (note Soay sheep have no need for a rich diet such as alfalfa). like, what the ewes look like? Due to the remoteness of the islands, the breed survived for thousands of years in near total isolation, therefore remaining genetically unchanged. This reflects the history and preservation of this first domesticated sheep … and Olde English Babydoll Southdown (18-24 inches tall) are two of the smallest breedsThe Shetland is another small breed. Welcome to the St Kilda Soay Sheep Project. Soay sheep eat grass and broad leaf weeds. We also roo our Soay at this time (pluck wool). Arrange a viewing today. Their small hooves aren't as … The Soay Sheep Society was founded by a group of Soay breeders realising the need for a representative body to speak and act on behalf of Soay and Boreray sheep. Many farmers raise sheep … These lightfooted, excellent foragers improve In 1932 this island was evacuated and, in 1932, 107 Soay sheep (20 rams, 44 ewes, 22 ram lambs and 21 ewe lambs) were brought from the island of Soay and released. Soay are the UK's oldest surviving livestock breed. This includes an inner sheep yard with shade trees, a 16x24 sheep barn, and three fresh grass pasture paddocks. In 2015 we changed our name to The Soay and Boreray Sheep … Soay is a breed of sheep that was derived from a group of feral sheep on the small island of Soay in the St. Kilda Archipelago. One ram seems to be the head of one flock of 10-20 ewes and … We maintain a large the USDA and therefore classified as a "Negligible Risk Premises" by the Canadian Small sheep for small acreage ► Contact us for further information.

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