The Merchant of Venice Characters & Descriptions . Gratiano is Desdemona's uncle--her father's brother--and he is a nobleman in Venice. About the texts used in OSS • Privacy policy • Privacy policy The Merchant of Venice Quotes | Explanations with Page Numbers | LitCharts. Part of memorizing the quotes is memorizing the context. The Merchant of Venice is a romantic comedy which means that it is a play containing both romantic and comic elements in ample measure. A great talker, he is almost impossible to shut up, and can be unmannerly, to the extent that Bassanio only allows him to accompany his trip to Belmont on condition that he keep himself under control. Even though Portia does act subordinately to Bassanio the majority of the time, she… Gratiano speaks an infinite deal of nothing, more than any man in all Venice. #2: “To bait fish withal: if it will feed nothing else, it will feed my revenge. Program code and database © 2003-2020 George Mason University. He doesn't show up until the very last act in the play, and even then he doesn't say or do much. Read some of the well-known quotes in The Merchant of Venice, in order of appearance in the play. (Portia, Act 1 Scene 2) A total of 25 "important" quotes from Acts 1, 2, and 5. You just might be surprised to learn of all the everyday sayings that originally came from Shakespeare! From the creators of SparkNotes. His reasons are as two grains of wheat hid in two bushels of chaff: you shall seek all day ere you find them; and when you have them, they are not worth the search. Portia and Bassanio’s relationship seems to be more equal. Each couple possesses a different relationship power dynamic. I added extra information for the sake of convenience. Here are some examples of Shakespeare's most familiar quotes from The Merchant of Venice. If Bassanio is a man who contributes greatly to the romantic character of the play Gratiano is a man who contributes equally greatly to … If you can remember the scenario, simple logic will be enough should help a lot. Notable Quotes from The Merchant of Venice For a better Quiz-ing experience, be sure to check the box "Stuff in Parentheses." ... Gratiano, A stage where every man must play a part, And mine a sad one. ... Gratiano is a friend of Bassanio. All texts are public domain. (Antonio, Act 1 Scene 1) God made him, and therefore let him pass for a man. Nerissa and Gratiano’s relationship exemplifies more of the traditional relationship during Shakespeare’s time, where the man possessed the power, and the woman largely obeyed. Find the quotes you need in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, sortable by theme, character, or scene. "I hold the world but as the world, Gratiano, A stage, where every man must play a … Gratiano then declares that a merchant ship ("bark") is merrier decked out in flags ("scarfed") and in better repair when it embarks than when, like the prodigal son, the ship returns to port lean, and looks like a beggar who has been battered to tatters by wind and weather.

gratiano merchant of venice quotes

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