It is the only species in the genus Sciaenops.. And I've grown up in a big fishing family. It is a low oil fish, so you have to be careful not to dry them out when you cook them. Some people would be happy to catch a forty-pound ANYTHING, assuming it isn’t, say, an inner tube. They even eat live mussels and snails, crushing the shells in the gizzard. The Pogonias cromis is the saltwater drum, the red drum (popularly prepared in Cajun country as “blackened redfish”) is classified as Sciaenops ocellatus and your “never say die” boy is the freshwater drum, Aplodinotus grunniens. Strong Angler Matt Slack with a nice red grouper. When we hear something like fishing the shallows, we instantly think about Texas black drum. In recipes, alternative fish … Instead of tarter sauce i love to soak the nuggets in malt vinegar captain Ds style. You can see the large schools of red drum coming inshore. Privacy Policy � Tell me, WHAT DOES THIS THING DO!!! What is the origin of the song “There’s a place in France/Where the naked ladies dance?” Are bay leaves poisonous. A popular game fish, it can be caught with variety of baits. All Rights Reserved. The raw flesh color of the Red Fish will not be as white as the Black drum, but it will cook up snowy white. Are Redfish Good To Eat. Now I've been around a lot of lakes, but one thing always amazes me. The red drum is a popular game fish in coastal waters from Massachusetts to Mexico. What’s the origin of “coon’s age”? The shade of mangroves keeps the water temps … Posts: 2,127. #7338992 01/20/13: Joined: Sep 2006. Resources � Register Log In Home Forums Food, Cooking, and Game Preparation Redfish or Red Drum -- good eating? These otoliths are sometimes made into jewelry and were kept by early people as lucky, protective amulets (presumably after they ate the fish). Red drum can reach lengths of 45 inches and … Do you like to eat fish? A STAFF REPORT FROM THE STRAIGHT DOPE SCIENCE ADVISORY BOARD. What does the Chicago lyric “25 or 6 to 4” mean? THOUGH THE SDSAB DOES ITS BEST, THESE COLUMNS ARE EDITED BY ED ZOTTI, NOT CECIL, SO ACCURACYWISE YOU'D BETTER KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED. SDStaff Jillgat, Straight Dope Science Advisory Board. They are the only North American fish that inhabits freshwater its entire life. I've caught my fair share, and you think you have a great bass or something that's useful. The good news is there is no closed season. Despite misconceptions, they do not contact the small Y-bones often seen in fish like carp and pike. It's no secret that Redfish, also know as Red Drum, are one of the most sought after saltwater gamefish. The worms life cycles are complex, involving sharks, small finfish and medium size predators. SPAGHETTI WORMS IN FISH Spaghetti worms are common parasites of saltwater fish in the drum family, which include speckled and white trout, black drum, redfish, and croakers. The Texas record for a red drum catch is 59.5 pounds (23 kg); however, a red drum weighing 94 pounds (42.69 kg) was caught along the … 4 years ago. Large bait will make it impossible for normal fish to eat it, so the redfish will be easily able to swallow it. The thing never dies, you can stand there with a club and whack it for a long time, it'll live. In fact, the shift to eating more farmed fish like tilapia is leading to highly inflammatory diets, according to a 2008 study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. When they were done, I basted one more time with the remaining sauce and served with some lemon wedges. Worms that live in red drum or black drum tend to live more toward the tail. They are not harmful but they don't look appetizing. They lose their flavor quickly if they aren’t filleted and put on ice promptly, but putting the live fish on ice is another way to preserve them until you get home. Sign up for the Link to Us � The range of the Red Drum is from Massachusetts USA south to Northern Mexico in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Red drum are delicious when fried, broiled, smoked, and incorporated into dishes such as redfish courtbouillon. Huge bull reds can be good for getting meat for gravies and grilling. In this article, we’ll start with what exactly red drum are, where you can catch them, and what kind of tackle you should use. Well it was not good eating, then Chef Paul Prudhomme with his pan blacken fish would not have almost single handedly wipe the red drum out in the 1980's!!! What’s the origin of the skull and crossbones pirate flag? Don't expect a light, flaky texture, though— drum has a firm, meaty texture. Im not a huge fish eater but i do LOVE some fresh fried red drum. For a variety of freshwater drum recipes, including drum au gratin with mushrooms, drum jambalaya, Italian baked freshwater drum and oven-barbecued freshwater drum, go here. See the best ways to cook grouper here. The simplest method of cooking a red drum requires only oil, salt and … The problem may be that you don’t know how to cook drums. 20% service gratuity for parties 6 or more. The purpose of this drumming is unknown, but is probably related to why a lot of men drum and why gorillas beat their chests — it’s all about reproduction and being more butch than the other guy. Larger fish may be coarse, stringy, and less palatable. Then in November, algae and plankton die in the water increasing the visibility. Not as easy to find when cutting the fillets. How did some crime fiction come to be described as “hard-boiled”? Subscription Information � Red Drum, Mount Pleasant: See 322 unbiased reviews of Red Drum, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #14 of 288 restaurants in Mount Pleasant. What do spot tail bass eat? The freshwater drum is an important commercial and sport fish in the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, so apparently a lot of people do eat them. caught by a fisherman. Drum fillets are firm yet delicately flavored, comparable in taste and texture to redfish or swordfish. Fish You Should Never Eat 1. Red drums are an excellent food fish up to a weight of about ten pounds.

is red drum good to eat

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