This magnolia is a real stunner. 60L Pot. Description. The size of ‘Genie’ also makes Magnolias within reach of small garden owners and those with only a balcony. A fantastic variety for a small or medium garden because of its compact size, Magnolia 'Genie' makes a delightful specimen plant for cottage garden style planting or as a focal point in a large tub. The leaves of magnolia trees are usually large in size with a thick and glossy leaf that sometimes has a golden brown underside. Leaves are dark green above with lighter tones on the undersides. Many new magnolias have been discovered in tropical areas of Asia and South America, and these may become more available in the future. Discover magnolias. Plant with Hydrangea Characteristics Landscape Size: 10'-13' tall, 5' … A fantastic variety for a small or medium garden because of its compact size, Magnolia 'Genie' makes a delightful specimen plant for cottage garden style planting or as a focal point in a large tub. Qty. Grows to 5m with a fairly upright habit. Opening from black-red buds, the rich maroon-purple, tulip-shaped flowers are opulent, large, 6 in. Hardiness: To -15 °C. Flower Colour: Red. Champaca Magnolia's typical size in the landscape is 30 feet tall and wide, though this tree may grow much larger with time. Decorate your desktop with this stunning Magnolia Genie’ Photo 5267 wallpaper. This little magnolia tree will astound you with its huge flower power and ability to fit into almost any landscape. Add. Flowering Month: April. Makes a stunning accent, container or border tree. Please select size option: 5 litre. $225.50. Foliage is large, rich-green. How to grow. After a long, cold winter, a Merrill Magnolia in your yard will lift your spirits and put a smile on the face of everyone who passes by. They're a good choice for small yards as they range from about 10 to 15 feet high. Will flower from a young age so perfect for instant results. Pot Size. Blooming from April in a rich eruption of colour on the bare branches, the dark purple-red buds open to reveal rich maroon, lightly scented tulip-shaped flowers. This is a winner: Genie Magnolia is PERFECT for the small garden: a dwarf tree, a long spring bloom with a flower so purple it comes out black, a repeat bloom in late summer (hence my pic), and fragrant. Deliveries from 23rd November for pot grown and December for bare-rooted (where items shown in stock). Magnolia Tree Height & Watering. I was gifted a Magnolia Genie in June 2018. Black-red buds open into large maroon-purple cup shaped flowers. $375.00. $168.00. A symbol of purity, beautiful, ivory white, goblet shaped blooms appear on bare limbs from late winter to early spring, releasing a subtle citrus scent into the air. Magnolia Genie is a stunning new variety of magnolia with deep purple, almost black blooms. Follow us. In Stock. Genie Magnolia (Magnolia x 'Genie' PP# 20,748) makes that wish come true. The tree was initially planted in suitable pot and replanted in current position in the ground in October 2018. Small, shrubby trees known as the little girl hybrids were created when Magnolia lilliflora was crossed with Magnolia stellata. Blooming from April in a rich eruption of colour on the bare branches, the dark purple-red buds open to reveal rich maroon, lightly scented tulip-shaped flowers. The Royal Horticultural Society is the UK’s leading gardening charity. The blooms are exquisite, very large and darker even than the popular magnolia Black Tulip. First, you'll enjoy the traditional flush of early spring blooms, lightly fragrant and cup–shaped. A new cultivar of Magnolia soulangeana×lilliflora named ‘GENIE’ that is characterized by fragrant deep rose flowers, rich dark green foliage, and compact size. These cultivars can range in size from 12 to 20 feet tall and 8 to 12 feet wide. The majority of Magnolia trees are deciduous, but you do get a few evergreen varieties like the 'Grandiflora'. Simply remove any damaged branches or any that are growing in an awkward position. To get the desktop background (wallpaper) click on the required resolution. add to wish list. Fill in the form below and we will notify you when Genie magnolia are back in stock. They are goblet shaped, white inside and creamy white with light yellow hues outside, with distinct claret red triangle at the bottom of the calyx like a red flame. Quantity: Collect in Store. Magnolia Genie is the result of 15 years of breeding resulting in a compact, small tree maturing at perhaps 10-13 feet tall.Sensational black-red buds open to small globular tulip-shaped blooms of deep rich maroon-purple on both surfaces, with nicely reflexed tepal tips paling to a lighter magenta, rose shade. 35L Pot. Magnolia Genie. Last summer all leaves dried and fell off. 25L Pot. Magnolia Genie; Price $168.00. Genie Magnolia Magnolia x liliiflora 'Genie' US PP20,748 P3 Height: 15’ Width: 5’ Zone: 5 Foliage: Slightly shiny, oval green leaves. Origin. Item: MGEN. Do Magnolia Trees Come in Dwarf Size?. These later bloomers show themselves in mid spring and will sometimes bloom sporadically throughout the summer. Scent: Not Scented. For Professionals. Join now. Remember that planting in containers can give you flexibility in terms of temperature needs—in other words, you might be able to overwinter your magnolia indoors if your climate is on the colder side. Flowers are dark purple-red, large, goblet-shaped. Bloom: Black-red buds open to dark ma-roon-purple flowers boasting sweet fra-grance. Deciduous shrub or tree is adorned with oval, medium green foliage. Description; Product information; Characteristics ; Description 'Genie' a cross between M. soulangeana and M. lilliflora 'Nigra', has all the qualities of a good hybrid. Little Girl Variety: Betty . In combination these traits set ‘GENIE’ apart from all other existing varieties of Magnolia soulangeana×lilliflora known to the inventor. Dr. Merrill Magnolia’s joyful display of sweet-smelling, bright white flowers comes as a relief, because it can only mean one thing: spring has arrived! It starts flowering in the middle of magnolia season and continues almost into summer when it offers a few extra flowers on the background of deep green, healthy foliage. Remind me Cancel. Perfect for small gardens, Magnolia 'Genie' is a compact, small, deciduous tree with incredibly eye-catching scented blossoms in mid spring. Blooming from April in a rich eruption of colour on the bare branches, the dark purple-red buds open to reveal rich maroon, lightly scented tulip-shaped flowers. We aim to enrich everyone’s life through plants, and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place. It can even thrive in a large container by the patio. Share; Tweet; Google+; Pinterest . Add to Any Collection My Collection. Purple Tulip Magnolia trees can be pruned into shape, but should not be heavily pruned as they can go into shock. Add. The goblet haped blooms arrive in late spring, often followed by a second, though less dramatic, flowering in summer. Wherever you live, whatever the size of your garden, and whatever your taste in flowers, magnolia trees have a lot to offer, and these long-lived trees will never let you down, becoming more and more beautiful with each passing year. Magnolia 'Genie' 2L A fantastic variety for a small or medium garden because of its compact size, Magnolia 'Genie' makes a delightful specimen plant for cottage garden style planting or as a focal point in a large tub. The Genie of the lamp grants us 3 wishes with this cracking new Magnolia! Description; Magnolia Genie is a small deciduous tree that looks great in small gardens or in containers. Price. Then, like magic, Genie will keep delivering new batches of blooms through June, July, maybe even August. This is among one of the oldest forms of Magnolia grown today. Magnolia 'Genie' Share. Join the RHS today and get 12 months for the price of 9. Magnolia roots grow very quickly and intricately, so getting the right size and shape of the container is of ultimate importance. Genie's petite size makes it a natural for the front yard, but try it in a border or as a foundation tree, too. Choose one of the available sizes to fit every display size. The flowers are often, but not always, large, with fleshy petals. From the triangle top there may be a fine line leading upward to the top of the petal. Genie has deep red, almost black buds that open into medium-sized flowers with 6-12 petals that open into 10-15 cm wide, cup-shaped, lotus-like flowers. Eye-catching in full bloom. Let me know when this item is back in stock. Everything you need to know about choosing the right magnolia for you. Height After 10 Years: 200-400cm. Pruning Magnolia 'Genie' Trees. These flowers start as a black-red bud however once open they showcase a maroon colour. Magnolia Genie Family. It is the most reliable reblooming saucer magnolia—so even if there's some frostbite on the early spring blooms, you won't miss the show. A compact magnolia, with beautiful bright purple tulips. All it needs is plenty of sunshine and water. Download this free Magnolia Genie’ Photo 5267 wallpaper in high resolution and use it to brighten your PC desktop, Ipad, Iphone, Android, Tablet and every other display. The Magnolia ‘Genie’ is wonderful attribute for a small or medium garden due to its compact size. Growth Habit: Pyramidal upright habit. This is also commonly followed by a second blooming in mid-Summer. Get involved. Magnolia 'Genie' Add to Collection. Bloom Size: 5” Bloom Time: Early spring Bark: Smooth, becoming furrowed with rough rounded ridges with age. Even young plants flower at a very young age with the deep dark coloured buds opening to an exquisite burgundy-red. Sunrise Magnolia is a slow growing, compact shrub with unique flowers. 5. Only flower buds remained dormant over winter. If your preferred size is out of stock, click "email me when in stock" to be notified as soon as it becomes available. A fantastic new Magnolia with flowers that are said to be even darker than Magnolia Black Tulip when in bud. What time of year should you plant a Magnolia? Unavailable. A good garden plant with healthy foliage, compact and flowers freely. The genus Magnolia comprises about 120 species and many hybrids and cultivated varieties. It is the result of breeding Magnolia Soulangeana with Magnolia Lilliflora to create a magnolia with a compact habit and profuse dark flowers even on young specimens. Part of magnolias' majesty is their size. Order Magnolia Genie (P23 cm H100 cm) online at FlorAccess. MAGNOLIA GENIE Characteristics This magnolia boasts the most incredible dark burgundy flowers, on a tree that remains compact in size, making it an interesting and useful variety for small gardens. Fragrant, black-purple buds open to cup-shaped, dark maroon flowers in spring and summer. Add. Not sure of age but tree is 1.8m tall. Continue To Checkout . Size: 1 gallon: Price: $25.00: Posted in Magnolias | Tagged dwarf magnolia, Genie, Magnolia Genie | Leave a reply Galaxy (Magnolia ‘Galaxy) Posted on December 14, 2013 by admin. Guaranteed Top Quality Delivery in Europe Rated 4.9 out of 5 Interesting Foliage: No. Medium size (2.5m-3.5m after 10 years) Next deliveries. A general rule is that for every centimetre of girth the tree makes in diameter, a 30 cm increase in height and the diameter of the container is required. New Zealand. These trees are of course mainly planted for their ornamental value, but they also have other non-horticultural uses. Magnolia ‘Genie’ Tree also known as the Purple Tulip Magnolia is a deciduous Magnolia with green leaves. Deciduous leaves are fresh green, medium-sized, obovate. Magnoliaceae. Magnolia Genie (Magnolia hybrid) is a new release true dwarf Magnolia, which means gardeners with small gardens can now indulge!

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