On the outbreak of the Civil War, he denounced secession as criminal, and was one of the strongest advocates of maintaining the integrity of the Union at all hazards. Subsequently Michael was involved in wars with the Genoese and Venetians, whose influence in Constantinople he sought to diminish by maintaining the balance of strength between them. For at the outset Metternich was not alone in maintaining that the war should be allowed to burn itself out " beyond the pale of civilization.". Sentence examples for maintain a sense of calm from inspiring English sources. [verb] to cause to remain or keep in a certain state, position, or activity; The coach needs to maintaina good, honest communication with all his players. In all the ecclesiastical contests of the twenty years which followed 1845, Keble took a part, not loud or obtrusive, but firm and resolute, in maintaining those High Anglican principles with which his life had been identified. While maintaining a strict, no nonsense demeanor, Frost uses encouragement and positivity as her core techniques. Throughout life's complications you should maintain such a sense of elegance: 15. CK 1 909502 I spend a few hours a day maintaining my website. Most noteworthy, however, in this connexion is the fact that he anticipated Copernicus by maintaining the theory of the rotation of the earth. How to use maintain in a sentence. Meanwhile Durazzo, with Berat and Central Albania, had passed into the hands of the Sicilian kings of the house of Anjou, who ruled these regions, which they styled the "Kingdom of Albania," from 1271 to 1368, maintaining a constant warfare with the Byzantine emperors. The "cap of maintenance" still borne before the English sovereign on state occasions is a barret-cap of the type of the 14th and 15th centuries; it symbolized the cherished feudal right of maintaining a personal armed following. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. Top searched words; Random words; Maintaining in a sentence The word "maintaining" in a example sentences. They may authorize district councils to aid persons in maintaining rights of common. GRAMMAR A-Z ; SPELLING ; PUNCTUATION ; WRITING TIPS ; USAGE ; EXPLORE . Studies show that even when women enter the labor force, their responsibilities for maintaining the household do not diminish. The Hittite power became weaker, and the invaders, in spite of defeat, appear to have succeeded in maintaining themselves on the sea coast. His policy was steadily directed towards maintaining the peace of Utrecht, and this made him the main opponent of the schemes of Cardinal Alberoni for the aggrandizement of Spain. It has of course deadbeat escapement with Maintaining power. 25. Maintaining its eastern course from the Apure, the main stream finds its way along the southern side of the delta, where it is called the Corosimi river, and enters the sea at the Boca Grande; but in front of the Tortola island, at the beginning of the Corosimi and too m. The Boca Grande outlet is the deepest, and is the main navigable entrance to the Orinoco at all seasons, the muddy bar usually maintaining a depth of 16 ft. Five years later this legislation was supplemented by the statute Quia Emptores, equally beneficial to king and barons, which provided that subtenants should not be allowed to make over land to other persons, retaining the nominal possession and feudal rights over it, but should be compelled to sell it out and out, so that their successor in title stood to the overlord exactly as the seller had done~ Hitherto they had been wont to dispose of the whole or parts of their estates while maintaining their feudal rights over it, so that the ultimate landlord could not deal directly with the new occupant, whose reliefs, wardship, &c., fell to the intermediate holder who had sold away the land. (Consider this analogy: If you’ve ever ridden in a car with a stick shift, you know that smooth transitions require care. "Nevertheless Luther assigned to the state, which he assumes to be Christian, the function of maintaining the Gospel and the Word of God in public life. But he was ill-supported in his task of maintaining the Norman kingdom, faced with general apathy, and threatened by a baronial revolt, and, in addition, Richard Coeur-de-Lion, at Messina, 1190, threatened him with war. maintain (verb) - state or assert. When Lord Roberts arrived in Cape Town on the 10th of January 1900 the three garrisons were still invested, and the relieving forces were still maintaining their role of passive resistance, while at the same time restraining the Dutch in Cape Colony. As a separate division of the monarchy it owed its existence to the necessity of maintaining during the, 6th and 17th centuries a strong line of defence against the invasions of the Turks, and may be said to have had its origin with the establishment of the captaincy of Zengg (a coast town about 35 m. He, after critical negotiations, secured on July 8th an agreement with Germany accepting the international conference proposed by the sultan of Morocco on the assurance that Germany would recognize the special nature of the interest of France in maintaining order on the frontier of her Algerian empire. At the same time his psychology, though maintaining his empiricism, contained some seeds of conceptual logic, and indirectly of formal logic. The people of the town were employed in maintaining and improving their new lives. Learn the definition of maintaining and how to use it in a sentence. If you shift tense when you’re writing a sentence, you can stall your communication. Maintain sentence examples. 9. (helps) Used with nouns: " She was able to maintain her dignity through the difficult moments. One party was led by Disraeli, who was supposed to represent the traditional policy of England of maintaining the rule of the Turk at all hazards; the other, inspired by the example of Gladstone, was resolved at all costs to terminate oppression, but was at the same time distrusted as indirectly assisting the ambitious views by which the Eastern policy of Russia had always been animated. Defeat always rankles, but there was also a sense of relief in that the pressure of maintaining a run had been lifted. The new constabulary has been eminently successful in maintaining law and order. versatile enough to accommodate changes in exhibits while maintaining an energy efficient design. Sennacherib, whose patience had been exhausted by the difficulties encountered in maintaining peace in the south, actually besieged and destroyed the city of Babylon, he removed the statue of Marduk to Nineveh as a symbol that the god's rule had come to an end. New Democratic Party The NDP would maintain the current moratorium. Physical activity is an important factor in, 14. 9) used by him in connexion with his electrometers for maintaining their charge, closely resembles that of Belli's doubler and will be understood from fig. Their job in the main consisted of cleaning and, 28. Find more ways to say maintaining, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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