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Basic Drilling, Completion and Workover Operations – BDC, Basic Petroleum Engineering Practices– BE, Basic Petroleum Technology Principles: VIRTUAL, Concept Selection and Specification of Production Facilities in Field Development Projects – PF-3, Essential Leadership Skills for Technical Professionals – OM23, Fall Protection Supervisor Training - FPST, Petroleum Geology for Early Career Geoscientists and Engineers - PGGE, Evaluating and Developing Heavy Oil Resources – HOED, Evaluating and Developing Shale Resources – SRE, Basic Drilling, Completions, & Workover Operations: VIRTUAL, Geological and Geophysical Characterization of Heavy Oil Reservoirs – HORC, ArcGIS Coordinate Reference Systems for Petroleum– GISC, Geochemistry: Tools for Effective Exploration and Development – MGT, Production Geology for Other Disciplines – PGD, Sequence Stratigraphy: An Applied Workshop– SQS, Structural Styles in Petroleum Exploration– ST, Analysis of Structural Traps in Extensional Settings – ESS, Basin Analysis Workshop: An Integrated Approach– BA, Compressional and Transpressional Structural Styles – CPST, Deep-water Turbidite Depositional Systems&Reservoirs–DWT, Geochemical Techniques for Solving Reservoir Management and Field Development Problems– GTS, Integrated Carbonate Reservoir Characterization – ICR, Naturally Fractured Reservoirs: Geologic and Engineering Analysis – FR, ArcGIS Coordinate Reference Systems for Petroleum – GISC, Geomatics: Geodesy and Cartography – GEOM1, Seismic Acquisition Technology in a Regulatory Era – SATR, Seismic Imaging of Subsurface Geology – SSD, Seismic Positioning Data Management – SPDM, Seismic Velocities and Depth Conversion – SVDC, Advanced Practices in Exploration & Development of Unconventional Resources - EDUR, AVO, Inversion, & Attributes: Principles and Applications – AVO, Introduction to Seismic Stratigraphy: A Basin Scale Regional Exploration Workshop – ISS, 3D Seismic Attributes for Reservoir Characterization – SARC, Advanced Seismic Stratigraphy: A Sequence – Wavelet Analysis Exploration – Exploitation Workshop – ADS, Applied Seismic Anisotropy for Fractured Reservoir Characterization – ASAF, Use of Full Azimuth Seismic and Microseismic for Unconventional Plays – FAMS, Basic Petroleum Engineering Practices – BE, Stuck Pipe Prevention – Train Wreck Avoidance™ – SPP, Directional, Horizontal, and Multilateral Drilling – DHD, Drill String Design and Optimization – DSD, Horizontal and Multilateral Wells: Completions and Stimulation – HML2, Integration of Rocks, Log and Test Data – ILC, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Petrophysics – NMRP, Petrophysics of Unconventional Reservoirs – PUR, Structural and Stratigraphic Interpretation of Dipmeters and Borehole-Imaging Logs – SSI, Wireline Formation Testing and Interpretation – WFT, Applied Reservoir Engineering: RE VIRTUAL, Reservoir Engineering for Other Disciplines – REO, Reservoir Fluid Properties: Preparation for Reservoir Engineering and Simulation Studies – RFP, History Matching and Reservoir Optimization – HMRO, Reservoir Characterization: A Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach – RC, Reservoir Management for Unconventional Reservoirs – RMUR, Reservoir Modeling of Heavy Oil Resources – HORM, Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Fundamentals - EORC, Coalbed Methane Reservoirs: Advanced Analysis Techniques – CMR, Decline Curve Analysis and Diagnostic Methods for Performance Forecasting – DCA, Enhanced Oil Recovery with Gas Injection – EORG, Horizontal and Multilateral Wells: Analysis and Design – HML1, Streamlines: Applications to Reservoir Simulation, Characterization and Management: SRS, Applied Reservoir Engineering: RE Virtual, Well Stimulation: Practical and Applied – WS, Downhole Remediation Practices for Mature Oil and Gas Wells – DRP, Operations & Development of Surface Production Systems–PO4, Performance Analysis, Prediction, and Optimization Using NODAL™ Analysis – PO2, Production Technology for Other Disciplines – PTO, Unconventional Resources Completion & Stimulation– URCS, Acidizing Applications in Sandstones and Carbonates – ASC, Artificial Lift for Unconventional Wells - ALUW, Flow Assurance for Offshore Production – FAOP, Formation Damage: Causes, Prevention, & Remediation – FD, Scale Identification, Remediation & Prevention Workshop, Surface Water Management in Unconventional Resource Plays – SWM, Water Management in Heavy Oil Resource Operations– HOWM, Horizontal and Multilateral Wells: Completions and Stimulation – HML2, Geological and Geophysical Characterization of Heavy What does EPA say about water contamination? In this course, you will learn such concepts as oil and gas production, reservoir energy and forces, petroleum deposit drainage, development systems, well operation techniques and much more. Final results will be delayed by several weeks and posted after statistical analysis and pass point setting is completed for this administration. This allows candidates to apply for reimbursement for multiple certifications separately. Please check the, Candidates can confirm their exam by going to. Petroleum Exploration and Production is an awareness level course designed for professionals associated with the oil and gas industry. Is that true? The minimum necessary experience MUST be documented on the application. If you have not successully scheduled your exam at least 2 months prior, please reach out to the ICP Exam Coodinator. 1) which lead to becoming a Certified Petroleum … Candidates will then need to submit a new application and pay a full application fee again. Oil Reservoirs – HORC, Unconventional Resources Completion and Stimulation -URCS, Petrophysics of Unconventional Reservoirs - PUR, Reservoir Management for Unconventional Reservoirs: RMUR. When You Look For Resources You Find Them, Offshore Seismic Surveys: Safety, Science, and Research, API Occupational Safety and Health Standards, Oil Spill & Emergency Preparedness and Response. Petroleum Exploration and Production. For all PetroSkills/John M. Campbell Facilities disciplines and courses, please select your area of interest below. Does hydraulic fracturing cause earthquakes? 1) which lead to becoming a Certified Petroleum … Driven by the growth of unconventional oil and gas activity, the industry has witnessed increasing capital investments toward oil and gas infrastructure assets. If you are either on active duty or a veteran, download and complete. Please review the.

petroleum certification courses

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