About 3.5 billion people saw their personal data stolen in the top two of 15 biggest breaches of this century alone. Description: No matter what you’re currently facing, TDWI delivers the training you need to overcome your top data and analytics challenges, all taught by the industry’s most respected thought leaders and practitioners. Description: Today’s leading CIOs are more than technology experts. I've tried to make them different than the list I made for 2019, as most conferences tend to occur every year, but some are too good to pass up. Find the best academic conferences in 60+ fields of study worlwide. Here, the data science community gathers for in-person networking and to learn from one another. Nov 1, 2020 - Nov 4, 2020 - Pacific Grove . The ranking represents h-index, and Impact Score values gathered by November 10th 2020. Mar 25, 2021 - Mar 27, 2021 - Alexandria . Deep Learning Summit. Even the best ones take up work hours, often require travel, and are always associated with hard costs. The rankings range from A (=best… Conference-goers dissect case studies, develop new skills through in-depth tutorials, and share emerging best practices in data science. Join TDWI and walk away with the skills and best practices you need to advance your data and analytics initiatives today. The Conference on Innovative Data Systems Research (CIDR) is a systems-oriented conference, complementary in its mission to the mainstream database conferences like SIGMOD and VLDB, emphasizing the systems architecture perspective. Whether your interests lie in the technical possibilities and challenges of new and emerging technologies or using big data for business intelligence, analytics, and other business strategies. [NeurIPS] Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems. Whether you’re looking to build or buy your new architecture, Data Architecture Summit will provide the essential knowledge and language to understand the options. Best Delegate does our best to provide the greater MUN Community with an up-to-date database of Model United Nations Conferences at the Middle School, High School, and University levels. Sometimes though, you need extra exposure, the kind you can only get in person. For the first time in the history of our ranking, we have used a novel metric called Impact Score to rank conferences based on the number of contributing top scientists in addition to the h-index estimated from the scientific papers published by top scientists in the last three years. If you know you need to re-tool or upgrade your current architecture, attend this event and you’ll leave with a comprehensive understanding of your technology and design options. Apr 26, 2021 - Apr 29, 2021 - Edinburgh . This conference is all about the data science community rather than any given industry or topic. Learn how to build an effective data and analytics strategy that will improve productivity, enable fact-based decision making and drive significant business value. Description: Gartner Data & Analytics Summit is the must-attend conference for data and analytics leaders. Subscribe to Conference Alerts & get personalized weekly conference listings in your inbox. For businesses across the globe, this presents big challenges – but also significant opportunities. © 2012-2020 Solutions Review. May 31 - Jun 4, Predictive Analytics World for Financial Services. Best Delegate does our best to provide the MUN Community with an up-to-date database of Model United Nations Conferences at both the Secondary (High School) and Tertiary (University) levels around the world. Top Conferences in Data Mining top conferences by citations are KDD, ICDE, IEEE ICDM, CIKM, and SIAM DM, according to Microsoft Asia Academic Search. This conference ranking has been created as part of the Excellence in Research in Australia (ERA). ... (DM) ICDM: Industrial Conference on Data … There are lots of big data events, both in the United States and internationally, so I found the biggest and best-attended. The Top Conferences Ranking for Computer Science & Electronics was prepared by Guide2Research, one of the leading portals for computer science research providing trusted data … Interestingly, the list includes many traditionally … The event features keynotes by industry experts, educational sessions by practitioners and developers, hands-on labs, and networking sessions. Vertica Solves Data Silo, Data … They should be equivalent, if not superior in impact and prestige, to reputable journals. The event offers new educational opportunities and more training than ever before. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 3. Description: The annual KDD conference is the premier interdisciplinary conference bringing together researchers and practitioners from data science, data mining, knowledge discovery, large-scale data analytics, and big data. 1. Sister shows will be held in London , UK (April 20-23), … If you are looking for top-notch keynotes, interesting sessions, best practices demos, and legitimate networking opportunities, mark your calendar. ... How to Address the Top Five Human Threats to Data. The program includes presentations by experts and ses… The editors at Solutions Review have created this list of the year’s most anticipated US-based data management events to attend. Timothy is Solutions Review's Senior Editor. The Top Conferences Ranking for Computer Science & Electronics was prepared by Guide2Research, one of the leading portals for computer science research providing trusted data on scientific contributions since 2014. The sheer volume of IT conferences and user events hosted each year by OEMs and industry organizations can be overwhelming. Guide2Research uses the information to contact you about our relevant content. Feb 7, 2021 - Feb 12, 2021 - Pacific Beach . Big Data and AI Toronto is Canada’s #1 Conference & Expo serving the data ecosystem. The ranking was created by Australian deans and the Australian Computing Research and Education Association of Australasia (CORE). Particular events include: DeveloperWeek Hackathon, which sees … The European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases is the premier European machine learning and data mining conference and … CIDR was run every two years starting 2003, becoming the premier conference for practical data … As an attendee, you can choose from over a dozen workshops, several two-day seminars, and many general conference sessions filling various topic-specific tracks. Description: The Data Architecture Summit provides a comprehensive educational program that defines the essential elements of a modern data architecture, and explains how you can create it for your own organization. Nov 19, 2019 - Nov 21, 2019 - Marina del Rey . Those are the ones we want to share with you today. We’ve scoured the web, consulted with conference representatives, and identified where the industry’s top brass will be spending their time. Mar 22, 2021 - Mar 24, 2021 - Baltimore . New conferences are typically ranked in the third tier. Jul 11, 2021 - Jul 16, 2021 - Melbourne . To help you prioritize your event schedule this year, we’ve compiled a list of the top 21 tech conferences … These events encourage networking and skill building with other members of the big data community. Description: This conference will provide a forum to present work that advances mathematical, statistical, and computational methods in the context of data and information sciences and aims to unite researchers who are building mathematical foundations for data science and making principled applications to science, engineering, technology, and society. Description: Enterprise Data World is recognized as the most comprehensive educational conference on data management in the world. These conferences are focused on best … A list of events about Data Management and Big Data from the publishers of Database Trends and Applications Magazine and the Big Data Sourcebook. Description: At Data Summit, you’ll hear the innovative approaches the world’s leading companies are taking to solve today’s key challenges in data management. Join to gain the skills to rewire your culture for an AI-augmented future. [ICCV] … Description: Every year thousands of top data scientists, analysts, engineers, and executives converge at Strata Data Conference —the largest gathering of its kind. Big data conferences. This six-day conference kicks off each year with in-depth tutorials, then continues throughout the week with hundreds of hours of educational content presented by leading industry experts, finally closing with our signature two-day workshops. By focusing on the data creation, management and value creation lifecycle, the inaugural Data Business Congress will deliver cutting edge intelligence and analysis of the key data issues confronting companies as 5G begins to roll-out and the Internet of Things continues to build. Description: Enterprise Data World is recognized as the most comprehensive educational conference on data management in the world. ... 11th ifo Conference on Macroeconomics and Survey Data … And that community is quite large. Oct 17, 2021 - Oct 20, 2021 - Melbourne . Jan 10, 2021 - Jan 13, 2021 - Chaminade . For more information, check out our privacy policy. Feb 22, 2021 - Feb 25, 2021 - Santa Clara . Aug 14, 2021 - Aug 18, 2021 - Singapore . The smallest incident on this list involved the data of a mere 134 million people. Apr 11, 2021 - Apr 11, 2021 - Newport Beach . Jun 30, 2020 - Jul 3, 2020 - Biarritz-France , SIGKDD : ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge discovery and data mining, SIGMOD : ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data, AISTATS : International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, CIKM : ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, SIGIR : ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and development in information retrieval, ICDE : International Conference on Data Engineering Workshops, ISIT : IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, EuroSys : ACM European Conference on Computer Systems, STOC : ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing, ASE : IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, PERCOM : IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications, SDM : SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM), https://www.siam.org/conferences/cm/conference/sdm21, FOCS : IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, LAK : International Conference on Learning Analytics And Knowledge, https://www.solaresearch.org/events/lak/lak21/#, ISSTA : International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis, https://conf.researchr.org/home/issta-2021, AAMAS : Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, ECMLPKDD : European Conference on Machine learning and knowledge discovery in databases, SC : International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, https://sc20.supercomputing.org/submit/paper-submissions/, COLT : Conference on Learning Theory (COLT), OOPSLA : ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications, https://2020.splashcon.org/track/splash-2020-oopsla, FC : International Conference on Financial Cryptography and Data Security, PODS : ACM SIGMOD-SIGACT-SIGART Symposium on Principles of Database Systems, http://2021.sigmod.org/calls_papers_pods_research.shtml, SIGSPATIAL : ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems, ICMR : ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval, ICCAD : IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design, DIS : Conference on Designing Interactive Systems, MOBIHOC : ACM International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing, IPSN : International Symposium on Information Processing in Sensor Networks, CaiSE : International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering, ACSSC : Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, PAKDD : Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (PAKDD), FAST : Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST), https://www.usenix.org/conferences/byname/146, Big Data : IEEE International Conference on Big Data, http://bigdataieee.org/BigData2020/index.html, HICSS : Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, https://hicss.hawaii.edu/#!future-conferences/ctld, CISS : Conference on Information Sciences and Systems, FUSION : International Conference on Information Fusion, IC2E : IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering, https://conferences.computer.org/IC2E/2020/, IGARSS : IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, SMC : IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, PACT : International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques, CIDR : Conference on Innovative Data Systems Research, ECIR : European Conference on Information Retrieval, ITA : Information Theory and Applications Workshop, EDBT : International Conference on Extending Database Technology, CHIIR : Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval, MODELS : Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, HotCloud : Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing, https://www.usenix.org/conference/hotcloud20, KR : Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, ITCS : Conference on Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science, TrustCom-BigDataSE-ICESS : IEEE International Conference On Trust, Security And Privacy In Computing And Communications/13th IEEE International Conference On Big Data Science And Engineering, DSAA : IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics, JCDL : International ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, CNSM : Conference on Network and Service Management, UCC : ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing, IRI : IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration, https://www.cs.brandeis.edu/~dcc/index.html, WIFS : IEEE International Workshop on Information Forensics and Security, APSIPA : Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association Annual Summit and Conference, RTSS : IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS), ISMIR : International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, DASFAA : International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications, http://dm.iis.sinica.edu.tw/DASFAA2021/index.html, MDM : International Conference on Mobile Data Management, SCAM : IEEE International Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation, SSDBM : Statistical and Scientific Database Management, BigMM : IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Big Data, QRS : IEEE International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability and Security, HILDA : Workshop on Human-In-the-Loop Data Analytics, SBP-BRiMS : International Conference on Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling and Prediction and Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation, TEI : International Conference on Tangible, embedded, and embodied interaction, IPMU : International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems, IPCCC : IEEE International Performance, Computing, and Communications Conference, https://www.ipccc.org/ipccc2021/main.php?page=1, MIPR : IEEE Conference on Multimedia Information Processing and Retrieval, ADMA : International Conference on Advanced Data Mining and Applications, CloudCom : IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science (CloudCom), PACIS : Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, RCIS : International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science, BuildSys : ACM International Conference on Systems for Energy-Efficient Built Environments, ADBIS : Advances in Databases and Information Systems, http://eric.univ-lyon2.fr/adbis-tpdl-eda-2020/adbis/, DBSec : IFIP Annual Conference on Data and Applications Security and Privacy, WIMS : International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics, SSBSE : International Conference on Search based Software Engineering, ICDT : International Conference on Database Theory, APLAS : Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems, https://conf.researchr.org/track/aplas-2020/aplas-2020-papers, HiPC : International Conference on High Performance Computing, ACISP : Australasian Conference on Information Security and Privacy, ICBK : IEEE International Conference on Big Knowledge, HAIS : International Conference on Hybrid Artificial Intelligent Systems, MFCS : Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, EKAW : Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics & Speech Processing, Ranking for Top Computer Science Universities 2020, Ranking for Top Scientists in Computer Science and Electronics 2020, 6th Edition, Ranking for Top Scientists in Computer Science and Electronics 2019, 5th Edition, Ranking for Top Scientists in Computer Science and Electronics 2018, Special Issues for Journals With Impact Factor, 2017/2017, Conference Ranking : Top Computer Science Conferences, 2017/2017, Impact Factor for Top Journals of Computer Science and Electronics, 2017, Impact Factor for Top Journals of Computer Science and Electronics, 2016, Impact Factor for Top Journals of Computer Science and Electronics, 2015, How to chart a successful research career by Prof Alan Johnson, Top H-Index for Scholars of Computer Science & Electronics, 2014.

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