STANDARDS INDICATORS 1. Anyway, the supervision methodology was not so systematic in those days. 5) Culture of continuous learning for adults:Effective instruc- A basic premise of supervision is that a teacher’s instructional behavior affects student learning. Educational supervision is one of the most important supports for the educational system and educator’s professional development. Bernard and Goodyear (1992) suggest that supervision serves three basic and important purposes. Instructional leadership means very little unless leaders are willing and able to observe teachers, offer advice about problems, and make formative evaluations that support and pinpoint areas to improve. This chapter is a reflective self-study of my relationship with my supervisor (and friend) who has mentored me through my PhD and now in my early-career phase as an academic in a tenured position. Instructional Supervision is a standard based comprehensive developmental set of processes to support the professional growth and development of teachers in professional learning communities. The importance of “academic supervision” is acknowledged appropriately since the early days. Its ultimate goal is improvement of instruction for enhanced learning outcomes. The others keep on going centring the third. the area of concentration on the observation. Abstract. Supervision is vital to the practice of counsellors and is a requirement for those who are on the Accredited Register. The Purpose of Supervision The improvement of teaching and learning is the general purpose of supervision. We believe, however, that in-service edu cation is and should be a major and high priority function of supervision, and that Differentiating Clinical Supervision model from other traditional models: The most notable difference between the clinical supervision model and other more traditional models of teacher supervision is that the supervisor and the teacher discuss and agree upon the focus for the observation, i.e. An examination of instructional behaviors can lead to improvement in … The most important task of principals’ instructional leadership is teachers’ supervision and evaluation. … 3. The most important module is the third one—-academic supervision. Outside the Mental Health community the term ‘supervision’ often implies a degree of management and control which is a block to the acceptance of the benefits that can flow to providers and recipients alike from the activities that can take place under the heading of a form of ‘coaching and mentoring supervision’. instruction through in-service education.- It would be unfortunate to provide a too-narrow definition of a service as all- encompassing as instructional supervision as it is practiced in our public schools. Supervision and Evaluation. Even in the recent past it was not the same as it is today. Supervision in higher education is an important element for growth, being an essential process for research students. instructional focus and professional development of teach-ers.Coaches can use data to determine the effectiveness of instructional strategies.Coaches can also assist teachers in using data to establish student grouping arrangements and pinpoint specific student intervention needs.

why is supervision of instruction important

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