What does take a leaf out of book expression mean? They are characterized by the absence of that differentiation of the body into root, stem and leaf which is so marked a feature in the higher plants, and by the simplicity of their internal structure. The overhanging leaf sees here its prototype. The lower surface of the potato leaf is furnished with numerous organs of transpiration or stomata, which are narrow orifices opening into the leaf and from which moisture is transpired in the form of vapour. CK 2635162 This lake is deep. Their internal structure consists of cells, disposed irregularly, and sometimes leaving spaces which are filled with air for the purpose of floating the leaf. Here are some examples. Metamorphosis.It has already been pointed out that each kind of member of the body may present a variety of forms. In the blade of a typical leaf of a vascular plantessentially a thin plate of assimilating tissuethe vascular system takes the form of a number of separate, usually branching and anastomosing strands. Here is an example: Momiji-ha wo Kaze ni makasete More fleeting than the glint of Miru yori mo -withered leaf wind-blown, the Hakanaki mono wa thing called life. All structures morphologically equivalent with the leaf are now included under the general term phyllome (leaf-structure). To turn over a new leaf, to make a radical change for the better in one’s way of living or doing. Another word for leaf. A characteristic of the class is afforded by the complicated network formed by the leaf -veins, - well seen in a skeleton leaf, from which the soft parts have been removed by maceration. Such are the scales of a bulb, and the various parts of the flower, and assuming that the structure ordinarily termed a leaf is the typical form, these other structures were designated changed or metamorphosed leaves, a somewhat misleading interpretation. Is not the hand a spreading palm leaf with its lobes and veins? Its broad pinnate tropical leaf was pleasant though strange to look on. Mr. Chamberlin initiated me into the mysteries of tree and wild-flower, until with the little ear of love I heard the flow of sap in the oak, and saw the sun glint from leaf to leaf. size); 2, part of under side of leaf showing somatia at d d (about nat. When a leaf has a distinct stalk it is petiolate; when it has none, it is sessile, and if in this case it embraces the stem it is said to be amplexicaul. A potential branch or bud, either foliage or flower, is formed in the axil of each leaf; sometimes more than one bud arises, as for instance in the walnut, where two or three stand in vertical series above each leaf. Examples of autumn leaf in a sentence, how to use it. The typical foliage leaf consists of several layers, and amongst vascular plants is distinguishable into an outer layer (epidermis) and a central tissue (parenchyma) with fibro-vascular bundles distributed through it. If this exhalation is stopped or lessened the digestion in its turn is also stopped, the leaf remains longer than usual in the intestines, the microbes multiply, invading the whole body, and this brings about the sudden death which surprises the rearers. leaf out: To open its buds. The longest leaves are those of the Raffia palm. Guybrush88 2250045 Take deep breaths. In the lowest leaf is directly the point of insertion of the pair one leaf is in above the first, leaf in the node, dividing front and the other and commences the leaf into similar halves, at the back; in the the second cycle. Linda nodded, running a finger down the leaf over his heart. Find more ways to say leaf, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. This, like the excretion of the sundew and other insectivorous plants, contains a digestive ferment (or enzyme) which renders the nitrogenous substances of the body of the insect soluble, and capable of absorption by the leaf. In some cases such as Delesseria, Neurymenia, Fucus, Alaria, the leaf-like structure is provided with a strengthening mid-rib, and when as in Delesseria it is also richly veined the resemblance to the leaf of a flowering plant is striking. She shook like a leaf in a thunderstorm, her warm brown eyes wide and tears streaming down her cheeks. Pop pioneer recalls 'ghost town' of '80s AIDS crisis : I learned that eating 6 frijols or a handful of papaya seeds aids in digestion. Rice, areca-nuts, and betel-vine leaf are the chief agricultural products. - Peltate leaves of Indian Cress leaf of a species of (Tropaeolum majus). On the under side of the leaf these patches are white and are composed of the spore-bearing hyphae. An example of leaves used as a verb is in the sentence, "He leaves the building," which means that he exits the building. It is a pinnatifid leaf, with the divisions pointing towards the petiole and a large triangular apex. Ay, every leaf and twig and stone and cobweb sparkles now at mid-afternoon as when covered with dew in a spring morning. The wheels, called naoura, are of the most primitive construction, made of rough branches of trees, with palm leaf paddles, rude clay vessels being slung on the outer edge to catch the water, of which they raise a prodigious amount, only a comparatively small part of which, however, is poured into the aqueducts on top of the dams. The minute structure of the leaf in section is illustrated in fig. 3041989 Is this lake deep? About AZdictionary. Show More Sentences When the leaves are shed they leave horseshoe shaped marks called leafscars on the stem. A small piece of a fresh leaf of T. pratense and of the reference standard were chopped together with a sharp razor blade in a Petri dish containing 1 ml ice-cold GPB (general purpose buffer: 0.5 mM spermine × 4 HCl, 30 mM sodium citrate, 20 mM MOPS [MOPS = 4-morpholine propane sulfonate], 80 mM KCl, 20 mM NaCl, 0.5% [v/v] Triton X-100, pH 7.0, according to Loureiro et al. Place the bay leaf… Rate it: (0.00 / 0 votes) faire peau neuve: To turn over a new leaf. chiefly, they provide a number of channels, penetrating every part of the leaf, along which water and dissolved salts are conveyed to, and elaborated food-substances from, the mesophyll cells. The primary veins give off secondary veins, and these in their turn give off tertiary veins, and so on until a complete network of vessels is produced, and those veins usually project on the under surface of the leaf. Leaf, in botany, any usually flattened green outgrowth from the stem of a vascular plant. - Leaf of an Acacia (Acacia heterophylla), showing a flattened leaf-like petiole p, called a phyllode, with straight venation, and a bipinnate lamina. It climbs by means of the long stalk of the peltate leaf which is sensitive to contact like a tendril. Too rapid drying of the outer tissue of the leaf leads to the formation of " white veins," which injure leaves required for wrapper purposes, otherwise it is not important. The sugar-cane crop declined in value after 1890, and each year more of it was made into syrup. (After Darwin.) Hence the extended surface of the leaf exposing a large area to light and air is eminently adapted for the carrying out of the process of photo-synthesis and transpiration. The process consisted in spreading the leaf on a thin film of blown glass and pressing molten glass on to the leaf so that the molten glass cohered with the film of glass through the pores of the metallic leaf. Rate it: (0.00 / 0 votes) take a leaf out of someone's book: To adopt an idea or practice of another person. After awhile he went nearer, and looking closely at the buds, found that they were folded up, leaf over leaf, as eyelids are folded over sleeping eyes, so that Birdie thought they must be asleep. 1 0. Soon the size will be tacky enough to accept the leaf. The leaf scar is protected by a corky change (suberization) in the walls of the exposed cells. Lv 7. It consists generally of a fiat, upright leaf standing on stems. These constitute a hypodermal layer, beneath which the chlorophyll cells of the parenchyma are densely packed together, and are elongated in a direction vertical to the surface of the leaf, forming the palisade tissue. opium has been collected as the size of the leaf will allow, another leaf is wrapped over the top of the lump, which is then placed in the shade to dry for several days. The second Gospel fragment discovered in 1907 " consists of z single vellum leaf, practically complete except at one of the lower corners and here most of the lacunae admit of a satisfactory solution.". They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. Botanically, leaves are an integral part of the stem system. ; traces of arsenic, antimony, bismuth and lead, however, make it brittle. The variety grown is usually of the Virginia type, and the leaf is coarse, dark and heavy, and suited to the manufacture of plug and snuff. Sentence examples for piece of a leaf from inspiring English sources. Sentence with the word leaf. — I took a leaf out of my roommate's book and learned how to cook. Acting upon that theory, the experts of TokyO and Nagoya have produced many very beautiful specimens of monochrome enamelyellow (canary or straw), rose du Barry, liquid-dawn, red, aubergine purple, green (grass or leaf), dove-grey and lapis lazuli bl,ue. B, seminiferous scale as leaf of axillary shoot (b, shoot; Sc, seminiferous scale; Br, bract). These, with their associated Stelar stereom, form a kind of framework which is of great Tissueol Leaf and importance in supporting the mesophyll; but also, and R~t. The two most important tobaccogrowing districts are: the Black Patch, in the extreme south-west corner of the state, which with the adjacent counties in Tennessee grows a black heavy leaf bought almost entirely by the agents of foreign governments (especially Austria, Spain and Italy) and called " regie " tobacco; and the Blue Grass Region, as far east as Maysville, and the hill country south and east, whose product, the red and white Burley, is a fine-fibred light leaf, peculiarly absorbent of licorice and other adulterants used in the manufacture of sweet chewing tobacco, and hence a peculiarly valuable crop, which formerly averaged 22 cents a pound for all grades.'. CK 1 1040624 Tom had meat loaf and mashed potatoes for dinner. 2. lv.-Ixiv.) is thick fleshy leaf of a dark colour, but scraps and waste pieces resulting from the preparation of smoking mixtures and cigars, and the midribs of leaves are largely used. ; and that platinum, by judicious work, can be drawn into wire 2?o o mm. They are unbranched and bear in the upper portion numerous long narrow grass-like leaves arranged in two rows; the leaf springs from a large sheath and has a more or less spreading blade 3 ft. The vascular supply of the leaf (leaf-trace) consists of a single strand only in the haplostelic and some of the more primitive siphonostelic forms. The leaf is usually provided at the base of the leaf-stalk with stipules, which are inconspicuous, or large and leafy; and the stalk is also furnished with one or more glandular excrescences, as in some cases are the leaf itself and the bracts. The sporophyte is the plant which is differentiated into stem, leaf and root, which show a wonderful variety 01 form; the internal structure also shows increased complexity and variety as compared with the other group of vascular plants, the Pteridophyta. The leaf known as " Vuelta Abajo," produced in the province of Pinar del Rio, is perhaps the best cigar leaf of the world. Disturbed, he folded the leaf and placed it in his pocket. Excessive humidity causes small dark spots to appear; these become confluent and the whole leaf may become dark and decay. The whole tree itself is but one leaf, and rivers are still vaster leaves whose pulp is intervening earth, and towns and cities are the ova of insects in their axils. In the "Timber Belt" the forests of long leaf pine have an estimated stand of 21,192 million ft.; and in 1905 the product of sawed lumber was valued at $13,563,815. The strong, black perique of the delta - cultivated very generally in the lower alluvial region before the Civil War, but now almost exclusively in St James parish - is a famous leaf, grown since early colonial times. The Sayings," to which the term Logia is generally applied, consist of (a) a papyrus leaf containing seven or eight sayings of Jesus discovered in 1897, (b) a second leaf containing five more sayings discovered in 1903, (c) two fragments of unknown Gospels, the former published in 1903, the latter in 1907. The increase in length of the leaf by growth at the apex is usually of a limited nature. milk, which is acid, is coagulated by 1, leaf; 2, twig with the addition of the alkaline juice of male flowers; 3, twig the ' ` achete " plant, or of another with female flowers; plant called " coasso.". English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Loaf" in Example Sentences Page 1. 6), or with veins coming off from it throughout its whole course, and running parallel to each other in a straight or curved direction towards the margin of the leaf, as in plantain and banana. You turn it around, break that string and turn over a new leaf. In the third and fourth flushes only one large leaf, and after that - say during October, November and part of December - no soft leaf growth is left that can be harvested in good order. The leaves of different plants vary widely in size, shape, and color. It is nothing to a Japanese that a vase should be covered with profuse decoration of flowers and foliage: he requires that every blossom and every leaf shall be instinct with vitality, and the comparative costliness of fine workmanship does not influence his choice. The structure of the epidermis of the under side of the leaf, with its contorted cells, is represented (X 160) in fig. 12. picture of a leaf. The small Turkish leaf is famous throughout the world. If before this application of the molten glass the metallic leaf, whilst resting on the thin film of blown glass, was etched with a sharp point, patterns, emblems, inscriptions and pictures could be embedded and rendered permanent by the double coating of glass. In the case of plants with persistent leaves, the stem may be cut through just above and below the bud, retaining the leaf which is left on the cutting, the old wood and eye being placed beneath the soil and the leaf left exposed. At other times they are at different levels, and are applied over each other, so as to be imbricated, as in lilac, and in the outer scales of sycamore; and occasionally the margin of one leaf overlaps that of another, while it in its turn is overlapped by a third, so as to be twisted, spiral or contortive. The fibro-vascular system in the leaf constitutes the venation. In this, as in all morphological inquiries, two lines of investigation have to be followed, the phylogenetic and the ontogenetic. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. What does take a leaf from expression mean? - Palmately compound leaf of the Horse-chestnut (Aesculus Hippocastanum). When a fly is captured, the viscid excretion becomes strongly acid and the naturally incurved margins of the leaf curve still further inwards, rendering contact between the insect and the leaf-surface more complete. As it develops the maximum turgidity and growth change to its upper side, and so it becomes unfolded or expanded. 2 2 These three concentric tissue mantles are evidently formed by the conjoined bases of the leaf traces, each of which is composed of the same three tissues. Group of spore-cases (sorus) on back of leaf (X 4). This was arranged for by a movable leaf carrying the sighting V, worked by means of a mill-headed screw provided with a scale in degrees and fractions to the same radius as the elevation scale, and an arrowb head for reading. In the case of alternate leaves, the stipules at the base of each leaf are sometimes united to the petiole and to each other, so as to form an adnate, adherent or petiolary stipule, as in the rose, or an axillary stipule, as in Houttuynia cordata. The national emblem of Canada is a maple leaf. Elegant liliaceous plants, with rhizomatous stems. Examples of banana leaf in a sentence, how to use it. 1); and the palm branches or cross of palm leaf, the badge of the " Palmers " pilgrimage to the Holy Land. He tore a leaf out of his: 8. In the leaf of the Victoria regia the transformation may be traced during germination. They are shrubby plants climbing over surrounding vegetation by means of tendrillike prolongations of the midrib of the leaf beyond the leaf-tip. 19), the leaf is unequally pinnate (imparipinnate); when the leaflets or pinnae are placed alternately on either side of the midrib, and not directly opposite to each other, the leaf is alternately pinnate; and when the pinnae are of different sizes, the leaf is interruptedly pinnate. 20) a sensitiveness is located in the pulvinus which upon irritation induces a depression of the whole bipinnate leaf, a similar property exists in the pulvini at the base of the leaflets which fold upwards. The mechanism is applied to the capture of insects alighting on the leaf. Tumut celebrates this with the yearly Festival of the Falling Leaf. The leaf base is twisted so that the leaf surface is usually close to vertical. piece of a paper. The soil should be a light and fairly rich compost, comprising about 2 parts loam, I part decayed manure or horse droppings that have been thoroughly sweetened, I part leaf mould and half a part of sand. leaf-green flower whose name they didn't know. Source_VOA 1648309 It's not deep enough. The under side of the young leaf is densely covered with fine one-celled thick-walled hairs, about i mm. In many Pteridophytes thi first leaf is formed very early, and the first vascular strand i! This is due to the fact that while young the turgidity and consequent growth are greater in the dorsal side of the leaf, so that it becomes rolled up. In leaves having a very firm texture, as those of Coniferae and Cycadaceae, the cells of the parenchyma immediately beneath the epidermis are very much thickened and elongated in a direction parallel to the surface of the leaf, so as to be fibre-like. Abraham Bennet, the inventor of the gold leaf electro e described a doubler or machine for multiplying Bennet'. For winter use the tops of the most useful kinds of herbs should be cut when in flower or full leaf and quite dry, and spread out in an airy but shady place so as to part slowly with the moisture they contain and at the same time retain their aromatic properties. In other cases, Leyden jars or condensers take the form of sheets of mica or micanite or ebonite partly coated with tin foil or silver leaf on both sides; or a pile of sheets of alternate tin foil and mica may be built up, the tin foil sheets having lugs projecting out first on one side and then on the other. Yarnold's process, using corrugated glass plates coated on one side with gold or other metal leaf, is stated to have yielded as much as 2700 grains per e.h.p. The lobed shape of its leaf and its dense foliage caused it to be confused with the true sycamore - Ficus sycamorus - of scripture. Leaf in a sentence is not a question, it is a statement. They were both determined to turn over a new leaf. Gold is dissipated by sending a powerful charge of electricity through it when in the form of leaf or thin wire. My son crossed his heart and pledged to turn over a new leaf. The cause of the fall of the leaf in cold climates seems to be deficiency of light and heat in winter, which causes a cessation in the functions of the cells of the leaf. Fermentation is essentially a chemical process due apparently to the presence of enzymes, developed in the leaf during the earlier curing stages. In the development of the leaf the stipules frequently play a most important part. He dwarfs trees so that they remain measurable only by inches after their age has reached scores, even hundreds, of years, and the proportions of leaf, branch and stem are preserved with fidelity. When the last leaf falls, I must go, too. covering of large whole leaf of bright quality, such leaves being called " covers.". The leaf is sometimes articulated with the stem, and when it falls off a scar remains; at other times it is continuous with it, and then decays, while still attached to the axis. The water taken up by the root from the soil contains nitrogenous and mineral salts which combine with the first product of photo-synthesis - a carbohydrate - to form more complicated nitrogen-containing food substances of a proteid nature; these are then distributed by other elements of the vascular bundles (the phloem) through the leaf to the stem and so throughout the plant to wherever growth or development is going on. But the divergence between leaf and leaf 2 is equal to tths of the circumference, and the same is the case between 2 and 3, 3 and 4, &c. The divergence, then, is and from this we learn that, starting from any leaf on the axis, we must pass twice round the stem in a spiral through five leaves before reaching one directly over that with which we started. This tea is mostly prepared from exceedingly rough leaf, including even bush prunings, which would not be plucked for manufacturing purposes in India or Ceylon. The leaf in this case is multicostate and the venation palmate. The distribution of the system of vessels in the leaf is FIG. The highest class of Cuban-made cigars, called " vegueras," are prepared from the very finest Vuelta Abajo leaf, rolled when it is just half dry, and consequently never damped with water at all. 31, leaf 1 arises from a node n; leaf 2 is separated from it by an internode m, and is placed to the right or left; while leaf 3 is situated directly above leaf 1.
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