These types of gobies are native to the Indo Pacific Ocean in the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, and East Africa to Samoa. Description: The Blue Spotted Watchman Goby, Cryptocentrus pavoninoides, occurs in two color variations, which some believe to be sexual color variations. Females are not as colorful, but are still very attractively marked with horizontal black and cream-colored stripes. Lessons learned while raising the neon blue goby fry. The energetic Neon Blue Goby will actively scour surfaces, providing your aquarium with valuable algae-cleaning services. Out of stock. Save 50%. TR Blue Neon Goby - Gobiosoma oceanops. Quick View. SKU: oddballfls17600571. Rarely will it become aggressive towards other fish, but it is territorial, and will fight with its own kind unless they are a mated pair. They had nice neon blue dots on them and a pointy mouth. In particular, the types and Salarias Escenius are popular for aquarium owners. It should be housed in a 10-gallon or larger aquarium. About Us; Menu; Email ; 772-222-3808; Login . I estimate that nearly 3600 Neon goby eggs made their way from the breeding tank to the grow-out tank. The Blue Neon Goby, Gobiosoma oceanops, is dark blue with a pale underbelly and a neon blue horizontal stripe along the entire body. All our fish have been quarantined and assessed before being put on sale. The Neon Goby is an excellent fish for beginners. The most colorful of all freshwater gobies in the genus Stiphodon, the Cobalt Blue Goby originates from fast moving rocky streams in West Papua, Indonesia. Maximum Size: 2.5" long Behaviors: Hopping along the bottom or climbing on rocks, plants, or driftwood. It is known for the neon blue and neon gold-orange color phases that male specimens display. Neon Blue Goby - Stiphodon Atropurpurius Undio. Current Stock: Quantity: Description Size Guides. Gobies have over 2,000 species described to date, it’s hard to generalize about gobies except to say that the right goby in the right tank can easily become the darling of even the most experienced marine hobbyist. Dismiss notification. The Neon Goby is a very hardy fish, and because its small size, is a great addition to a small reef tank. Cleaner gobies, like neon gobies, will interact with other fish in the aquarium, cleaning them of parasites and disease. On Sale! Blue Neon Goby 3 - 4 cm / 1.2-1.6" (80pcs) $467.46. Join the waitlist to be emailed when this product becomes available. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 6 customer ratings $ 35.00. Comments Required. They are known to be a cleaner fish & will often be seen performing this function in the home aquaria. Stiphodons are a family of smaller goby that go well with smaller species fish tanks and planted aquariums. Add to Cart. Home / Saltwater Fish for Sale / Gobies / Neon Goby – Mated Pair. Above: In the picture is a nice Blue Neon Goby in one of our aquariums. A hardy freshwater Goby. Most fish recognize the Neon Goby as a cleaner. Rating Required. It is known for the neon red and orange color that male specimens display. MALE Tiger Endler's Green GloTetra. Scientific name: Stiphodon atropurpureus The Red Neon Stiphodon Goby (Stiphodon sp.) Minimum Tank Requirements: 10 Gallons. 1.5" Tank raised or captive bred Blue Neon Gobies are a Reef Safe fish. Blue Neon Goby SynonymsTop ... We’ve seen it on sale as S. elegans on numerous occasions, for example, and other trade names include ‘Sumatran blue neon goby’ (it’s not found on Sumatra), ‘cobalt blue goby’ and ‘freshwater neon goby’. These species are usually found in the warmer parts of Western Central Atlantic primarily in the region of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. Though a small fish, the Neon Goby or Blue Neon Goby always catches the eye with its vibrant contrasting colors! Name Review Subject Required. Premium Fish Food . males quarrel with each other but do no harm. These iridescent blue stripes on both the top and bottom of the fish make it a welcome addition to any colorful reef tank. Where are they from?. All our fish are available to be delivered directly to your door the very next day. Although it is known in the trade as the freshwater neon goby, it isn’t particularly similar to the saltwater neon goby Elacatinus oceanops, except perhaps in terms of size and shape. Fish On Sale; Coral On Sale; Inverts On Sale; Search for: Search for: Email ; 772-222-3808; Gobies. This species make great cleaners of larger fish, as they remove dead skin and parasites as they swim past. Comments: This species is small, interesting, hardy, and fun to watch. They are usually found in lagoons in waters of from 9 to 82 feet. It gets along great in a community aquarium or reef aquarium. Lastly there is the smallest of the bunch, Tanganicodus irsacae. No products in the cart. Bluestripe Neon Goby (Elacatinus oceanops) Sale price: $ 32.99. Temperament: Peaceful. The Neon Blue Goby (Elacatinus Oceanops) is a well-known nano reef fish recognized by their black bodies with electric neon blue horizontal lines. The Neon Goby has quite the personality for it’s size. Click on each picture to see a bigger picture. Cart. Atro Goby 3 - 4 cm / 1.2-1.6" (60pcs) $399.62 $199.81. Save 21%. Provided you give us your permission. The Blue Neon Stiphodon Goby is a sought after freshwater fish and has a striking appearance (especially the males). Size approx. Sep 14, 2020 - Goby fish are highly interesting and entertaining to watch. Diet: Carnivore. Cardinal Tetra 3+ / 1.2" (80pcs) $277.02 $138.51. Quick View. Females are not as colorful, but are still very attractively marked with horizontal black and cream-colored stripes. There was a mated pair of Neon gobies listed for sale by a diver in Florida. Home / Fish / Gobies. The Neon Goby is extremely hardy and a great beginner marine fish. We'll usually ship you one or more of these fish with your order for free! The Neon Goby is a small goby with distinctive blue lines on its body. Cart / $ 0.00. The second variation and the one we are shipping is a golden-yellow fish with Irradecent blue spots on the head trailing throughout the body. There are no reviews for this product. Add to Cart. The blennies Family, which are also known under the name scaly blennies, Naked blennies or Blenniidae, belongs to the order Perciformes. Similar to other gobies, the Neon Blue Goby is an intriguing fish full of personality that provides unmatched entertainment. They get a long well with most other fish. Add to Cart. They are a good algae eater as well and underrated beautiful fish! Care Level: Beginner. Sadly, these fish only have a life span of approximately 18 months. It range extends from Ambon Island chain, South Molucca Islands, east from western Sumatra across most of Indonesia, Northern Papua New Guinea, and as far as the Solomon Islands in … No products in the cart. Goby Sort by Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, new to old Date, old to new Grid View List View Posted by Yellow Clown Goby on 27th Jul 2019 They are a very vibrant yellow and made a great addition to my tank. This is a small cichlid, reaching just over 3” (8.5 cm) in length. The Blue Goby Cichlid Spathodus erythrodon is a fascinating fish in color, body form, and behavior. Unlike saltwater neon gobies, the females are rather drab, and only the males develop the vivid neon-blue bands along each flank that give the species its common name. The Blue Neon Goby is super hardy, stays small so is an excellent candidate for nano tanks. Save 49%. The Gold Neon Dwarf Goby (Stiphodon percnopterygionus) is a very rare freshwater dwarf goby that is native to Japan, Taiwan, and Micronesia. Top Care Facts For The Bluestripe Neon Goby (Elacatinus oceanops) Care Level: Easy Temperament: Non-Aggressive Reef Safe: Yes Diet: Carnivore Origin: Skip to content. Gobies are hardy, amiable, and visible aquarium fish. Neon Tetra (Medium/Large) £ 1.90; Green Grass carp 2-3'' £ 3.50; About us. Select options. GOBY STIPHODON BLUE NEON MALE REGULAR Stiphodon sp. Save 50%. Diamond Goby (Valencienna puellaris) Starting at: $ 36.99. Neon Orange Platy. Neon Goby – Mated Pair. Origin: These Gobies came from rivers in the Philippines . Red Crystal Barb. Their body is covered with a layer of mucus, which allows them to spend a limited time out of the water. Neon Blue Stiphodon Goby Freshwater Gobies have quite a bit of personality and unusual movement, so they are a great addition to the aquarium. The blennies are very adaptable. A wild pair I owned consisted of an adult male at 2.5" and a female at 2". In the wild, it lives in small groups where individual fish stake out their own territories among the rocks. Electric Blue Neon Stiphodon Goby - Stiphodon atropurpurensis. Blue Neon Goby Pictures: a juvenile, showing no coloration yet, taken in one of our aquariums. One variety is gold with black bars on its body and blue spots on its head. Email me when available. Bluestripe Neon Goby for sale 4Less! It will act as a cleaner fish and will nip ich cysts and help control other diseases common on fish in marine aquariums. This is the very reason why our quarantine process takes as long as it does. I love this store. Reef Safe: Yes. Why Home / Saltwater Fish for Sale / Gobies. Quick View. They are a gorgeous fish with awesome colors and love fast water flow. On Sale! Add to Cart. is a very rare freshwater dwarf goby that is native to Japan, Samoa, Cook Island, and The Philippines. Not quite like the snout-like mouth of the other gobies. Gobies are personable and interesting, especially those species living in symbiotic relationships with invertebrates. Goby fish are highly interesting and entertaining to watch. It is very beneficial for its tank mates. The vast majority of illnesses that newly imported fish encounter are internal, and thus extremely hard to identify simply by looking at the fish. The Cobalt Blue Goby (Stiphodon semoni) considered by many tropical fish keeping enthusiasts to be one of the most colorful freshwater gobies in the genus Stiphodon, is found in West Papua, Indonesia.. The Neon Blue Goby has a healthy appetite for all kinds of freshwater algae. Add to cart. Most Neon Gobies are now captive bred and/or raised because of the ease of getting them to spawn in captivity. Add to Cart. The Sleeper Blue Dot Goby commonly referred to as the Ladder Goby or Sixspot Sleeper Goby is a sand sifting fish easily recognized by its white body with bright blue spots under the eyes and mouth. Aquatics to your Door makes buying fish online an easy and enjoyable experience. GOBY STIPHODON BLUE NEON MALE REGULAR. Gobies. Our quarantine & resting procedures Our livestock is quarantined for a minimum of 4-6 weeks to ensure optimal health before leaving us. $233.73 (You save $233.73) (No reviews yet) Write a Review Write a Review ... On Sale! It is a cleaner species which will service tank mates and help control some diseases. See more ideas about Aquarium fish, Freshwater fish, Tropical fish. Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami . They are bottom dwellers and a bit territorial, but easy to keep and feed. Feb 15, 2020 - Explore Tk LeDinh's board "Gobies/Gudgeons" on Pinterest. Boesemani Rainbow. : They are found in the tropical Indo-Pacific region they’re also found in the eastern Indian Ocean and Sri Lanka.
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