Bernat Blanket Extra Blanket Yarn Jumbo Gauge 2-Pack 100% Polyester (Marine Blue), $24.00 … Can’t wait to try! Our Bernat range features a huge selection of free patterns that are certain to spark your creativity – with blankets, baskets, cushion covers and more! WOW, I am loving this method…I’ve never gotten the hang of knitting and this seems like the perfect no-knit blanket! It was so unique, I wondered how it could possibly be knitted or crocheted. My blanket is 30 st wide and 40 rows long. I have no earthly idea how to knit, but I’m super stoked about what your future blog posts has to offer! Wow! Learn how to knit a textured blanket using Bernat Alize Blanket EZ. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. I am so excited to share this simple tutorial with you and show you that ANYONE can make a blanket with this yarn! This is a sponsored post written on behalf of JOANN. You will start to see the pattern forming. 4 Stars ... Bernat Blanket Extra-300g-Navy. So cute, can’t wait to make one. Thanks for sharing! I teamed up with JOANN to teach you how to make this beautiful blanket with this step-by-step tutorial and it may just be the easiest blanket I have ever made! Great, now there’s something else I need to try. Wow! Imported. It is a super bulky, weight 6 yarn, which is how you know it will work up quickly. I just recently saw this and was so intrigued by it. Bernat® Blanket Extra Yarn Product Description. 193. I’m into bed sheets and blankets! I have knitted for years and I am just now starting to crochet but this looks like it would be fun to try. You can always cut the tail shorter if it is too long. I love knitting but takes me forever. I will be trying this out while snowed in this winter. I love ez yarn, I am making my second blanket using a blue color. Create a Knitted Blanket by Hand (in a fraction of the time it takes with needles) Using Pre-Looped Bernat Blanket EZ Yarn. Looking forward to learning how to knit so I can make this! BERNAT STITCH ALONG CLUES REVEALED: Find all of your Stitch Along Clues right here on this website page. I actually made one of these blanket for my ottoman it was relaxing to make. I wish I could do blankets… they make me sleepy…. Who wants to learn how to hand knit with this super cozy and squishy yarn?! That is a beautiful blanket and I like that you say it’s easy. Wet pretty. Thread Expand menu. Thanks to the chunky weight of the Bernat yarns… Bernat Yarn Free Patterns. Thank you for sharing! Awesome tutorial! For accessibility support please contact customer care at 1-888-368-8401 OR Many thanks, can’t wait to try it!!! I think I could do this! Looks soft and cozy! This looks so easy, definitely will give it a try. This is perfect for Christmas! Pull the back loop (loop on the left) over the front loop, Pull the back loop over the front loop again. On a flat surface, count 70 loops for your first row, skipping the first two to create a tail. Thanks. Weekly videos show you the finished versions of how my section knitted … This will definitely be a handy tutorial with 2 babies joining our family! by Bernat | Item # 16083602. The Bernat Sophia Knit or Knot yarn is actually about the same size as Hobby Lobby’s Eternal Bliss, but the yarn is simply shorter by a half inch, or so. A handmade blanket is the best gift to give during the holidays and this easy, no hook, no needle blanket is no exception! Giant Chunky Wool Yarn For Arm Knitting. The colors and textures are just so fun and so vibrant that I have collected quite the stash. I never even thought of using this yarn this way! I’ll have to look for this yarn next time I’m at yarn store. I’m not a knitter nor do I aspire to be, but this is really cute. I’m going to do it with my kids tonight! Place you thumb and first finger through the loop and grab the working yarn. You can do this with your hands, or a crochet hook if you have one. In this episode of the Yarn 101 series, learn all about Bernat's Blanket Yarn with this quick informational video! Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Love the color, looks quite warm. Thanks to your instructions, I now know how to use it! It would be a nice winter project. Continue repeating steps 3 and 4 all the way across. This site may contain affiliate links.  Buy ordering supplies through these links, I will receive a small percentage of the sale with no additional cost to you.  It helps to support my blog and keep all of my patterns free.  Thank you so much for supporting my blog. Or dry clean. Start the blanket on a flat surface. Any suggestions would be great, or if you have any “absolute beginner” tutorials let me know. But who knew you could just use your hands and loops to make a darling blanket??!! Please do not sell, claim my patterns as your own, or use my photos.  You are more than welcome to share and sell your creations made with my patterns, just link them all back to:  and give me credit as the designer: Kylee Keller  It takes a lot of time to make and develop new patterns, please give me credit and link back to my blog accordingly.If y’all have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask as I am always happy to help. Once I get finished with your apron pattern I’ll look into making this. This looks so doable for those who don’t knit or crochet. I think I could actually do this. Thanks for the tutorial. I’m so happy to see this tutorial! I’ve used the finishing on fleece blankets, it’s easy and a nice touch. Thanks for the inspiration! Now take the loop next to that one and pull it through the new loop you just created. Amazing! Thanks for sharing. Haha. It doesn’t pull apart easy? Leave the slip knot loop big enough to where you can fit your thumb and first finger through it. Start with the two loops farthest away from your tail and pull the loop closer to your tail through the other loop. Now I don’t have to! If you do not have a tail, create one by connecting two loops. This seems like it may be a good start for me. God knows I need to stay warm this time of year. So fun! Make sure to share this tutorial with them! I made mine out of chenille yarn … I immediately went online looking for this yarn so I can try this. I’ve never knitted or crocheted before, but this project looks really fun to try. Good luck everyone! What a nice step by step video/instructions!! Wow, this is great! Each skein is an economical big ball size consisting of 100% polyester and 220 yards. Amazing tutorial, beautiful blanket, have always wanted to learn to knit but have never gotten around to it. Loop #1 will end up in front of loop #70 and will be the start of the second row. Wow, this is another thing I had added to my list of crafts to do and my yarn and hooks are sitting in a bag, I tried one and gave up. Crochet Thread. This looks simple for me to do! Wow, this is amazing. Check availability on Amazon. Thanks for this post. So lovely! I’ll have to see what our store has now! I have been wondering how people did these! I love to crochet, but never learned to knit. What a great Tutorial!! I am always drawn to the yarn aisle in my local JOANN and I was so excited when I saw this amazing new yarn with preformed loops. All you will need to do is insert your thumb and first finger in the loop in front of the strand of yarn, and grab the strand of yarn and pull it through the loop. Bernat Blanket, available in solid and variegated hues as well as a variety of lines, from the self-striping Blanket Stripes, Blanket Baby Stripes, or Blanket Breezy to the tone-on-tone gradients of Blanket Twist or Blanket … Step #1 To bind off, work the first 2 stitches like normal, put your thumb and 1st finger through both loops, Step #2 pull the working yarn through both loops, Step #3 To continue, work the next stitch as normal pulling up a loop, Step #4 Pull the working yarn through both loops. Chenille Yarn, Chunky Chenille Yarn, Hand knitting yarn, Blanket Yarn Becozi. I used to knit and crochet but haven’t for years. This is the perfect winter craft!! Create a Knitted Blanket by Hand (in a fraction of the time it takes with needles) Using Pre-Looped Bernat Blanket EZ Yarn. Always check the back of your blanket as you are going to make sure you do not skip a loop. Thank you for sharing! Before you connect a new ball to your blanket, make sure you have a tail. … I will give it another go. Think I’ll give this one a try! You have made 1 stitch. This is pretty neat, and something I may be able to do with busy days having a 4yr old and 2 yr old. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thank you so much for sharing it with us! What a neat idea. I definitely need to give this a try! I managed to get a Barbie blanket out of it (I was going for a scarf for myself). This is very interesting to know that you can create the same look by using your hands with no needles. The yarn looks so soft. I hope I can get it right. Then weeks 4, 5, and 6, we’re also knitting up a basket. This looks fantastic – hope I can get this product in Aus! It measures approx 38” x 48”. Looks so nice, I cant wait to make it! Amazing instructions! Let me know in the comments! I can’t wait to give this a try! This is absolutely one of … I’ll have to try and get some of this yarn, This looks interesting and fun. This looks so easy! Interesting! I have never been able to master knitting or crocheting. Do a little better with crochet. Are there more patterns you would like to learn with this yarn? Can’t wait to make this! To do this, you are going to take your tails and weave them back into the back of your blanket. Shop All Featured Brands Top Notch Bob Ross Canson Copic ... Bernat Blanket Extra Yarn. Bernat makes the best yarns for snuggly soft blankets. This looks so easy. So much to learn! Bernat patterns makes a wide range of knitting yarns for beginners, intermediate and experienced knitters. This is something I might actually be able to succeed at. Does the blanket have a lot of holes once put together? Each Clue includes a new video and a link to download a printable knitting pattern. Can’t wait to show my Grandma this technique! Thank you! Sooooo cute and looks fairly easy to make. This would make a great birthday or Christmas gift! It’s a beautiful too! how easy! This is amazing thank you for sharing like always. Tips & Tricks to Make the Perfect Blanket. • 10.5 oz/300g/97 … Love the color will be a nice addition to my blanket ladder. Now take your first loop in your new ball and connect it to the next loop in your blanket. My New Year’s Resolution… I’m going to be making blankets all year to give for Christmas gifts next year! If you put your blanket down and come back to it, make sure to continue on the right side. I love reading this blog. I asked this on my Facebook page and a lot of y’all responded and said y’all would like to learn. I just helped my 9 year old granddaughter learn this technique. You are awesome! Easy Knitting Loom Knitting Knitting Patterns Free Knit Patterns Free Pattern Blanket Patterns Cable Knit Blankets Knitted Baby Blankets Knitted Blankets. Thanks for the detailed instructions and photos. When you think of free knitting patterns with super bulky yarn, you might automatically think about oversized scarves, super cozy hats, and extra thick blankets. Wow – this blanket looks so soft, warm, and inviting! To do this, take loop #1 and put it through loop #70 from back to front making sure you pull it all the way through. Thank you! Machine wash. Amazing! Looks so cool and probably so relaxing since you don’t have to count stitches like I do when I crochet! This looks like something I would like to try! Would be a fun project to teach to the grandkids! However, there are many types of wonderful knit accessories you can make with super chunky weight yarn … Your email address will not be published. Go to Product: Bernat … ... About this yarn Gloucester Cotton. Bernat brings together a collection of chunky, textured yarns and wonderful patterns, perfect for knitting and crocheting designs for the home! 5 out of 5 stars (2,021) 2,021 reviews. This is a pretty cool idea. Bernat Mega Bulky: Perhaps the best beginner arm-knitting yarn! I’m more of a crochet girl, but this looks easy! Anyway, with what I had, I turned out a fabulously lush, fluffy giant stitch blanket … I’ve been trying to get back into crocheting forever and this looks like such a cool, easy project. I am so getting this material for my 9 year old….she will LOVE this project! I really want to try this with my daughter and niece. Always pull your loops all the way through to create tight stitches. Find the yarn you need for these projects on our Bernat Yarn page. To start the third row, bring that new row of loops above your first two rows and lay it flat and start the same process as above. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Cut the thread in the middle of the first two loops that you skipped to create a long tail. Create blankets, baskets, pillows, and more with the fast-stitching Bernat Blanket Extra. I think I need to try this tutorial this winter, when I have plenty of time and want to keep warm! They are definitely made with love. I was just thinking about making a blanket for my newest grandbaby due in March, and this might just do the trick. Bernat Blanket Big yarn or Yarn Bee Eternal Bliss Yarn; Scissors; GO! $8.24 $10.99 … This is a cool shortcut to provide the same results as knitting with needles. ... Our Bernat Blanket Extra Patterns Collection Filter Sort By: ... Download Bernat Jumbo Tuck Stitch Shadow Cables Knit Blanket Free Pattern crochet. Love this yarn. After you pull the working yarn through the last 2 loops, cut your yarn and weave in the ends.