As all shrimp, Blue velvet shrimp require little feeding as long as there are algae, Make sure to add some leaves to their diet, Indian almond leaves would be a great choice because of their outstanding qualities and properties. Overfeeding is one of the biggest causes of death for dwarf shrimp. It takes them approximately 75 days to become adults. Coloration varies from very dark blue to light blue. Native to the Pacific coast, Sinaloan Blue Prawn (Litopenaeus Stylirostris) hailing from the Mexican state of Sinaloa are globally recognized for their immense size and outstanding flavor profile. The tank is a 30 gallon tall with plenty of plants and rocks. Blue velvet shrimp are very social, peaceful, and undemanding creatures. Eating shrimp may also promote heart and brain health due to its content of omega-3 fatty acids and the antioxidant astaxanthin (6, 11, 12, 13). Your email address will not be published. You only need to set the right conditions for this to happen. Actually, I would say – a complete mess! Many commercial fish foods, medications, and plant fertilizers contain copper or more commonly copper sulfate. Important: Do not forget to acclimatize them carefully. However, they will eat dying, rotting, or decaying plants. When we say very little, we mean that one fish flake the size of a dime every day is enough for 10 or more shrimp. Join our Mailing List for special discounts and notifications about new and limited stock items. This makes these shrimp perfectly suitable for beginners looking to keep dwarf shrimp.Â. Their coloration can vary through a range of blue (from light blue to intense blue but not dark) depending upon genetics, substrate, and diet (read my article how to enhance shrimp color). I’m a beginner that’s why lm curious to know, thank you. All dwarf shrimp prefer to live in tanks with live aquatic plants (such as willow moss, baby tears, green cabomba, etc). However, they can live and thrive in a 5-gallon tank. Situated off Olas Altas Beach, on the ocean with spectacular daily view of the sunset, The Blue Shrimp … In addition to fish or shrimp flake foods and pellets, dwarf shrimp will also eat blanched vegetables (such as zucchini, carrots, and spinach), as well as algae wafers or pellets. The Blue Shrimp Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta is the best seafood restaurant in the area, long time established. © 2020 Copyright Shrimp and Snail Breeder, Blue shrimp, Velvet blue shrimp, Blue jelly shrimp, Blue Velvet Shrimp are gorgeous to look at. For example, I would strongly advise to give them Bacter AE. Check out my articles “Top 5 Pros and Cons of having Plants in Shrimp Aquarium” and “Top 5 Plants for Your Shrimp Tank” right here. They are incredibly active, prolific, and quite hardy shrimp. As all shrimp, Blue velvet shrimp require little feeding as long as there are algae, biofilm (and some other microorganisms to feed on) present in your tank. Copper is toxic to invertebrates. In established tanks where there is plenty of algae and biofilm, dwarf shrimp may not need extra food at all. Has pinchers in the front? For example, today you can find on the market – Blue velvet shrimp, Dream Blue velvet shrimp, Sky Blue velvet shrimp, Blue topaz shrimp, Blue diamond shrimp, Blue Fairy Shrimp, and some other versions. All in all, they will be a great addition to any tank. Shrimp is the most popular seafood in the USA. Neocaridina davidi (formerly Neocaridina heteropoda). Even if the gourami cannot eat adult shrimp in one bite, they can pick at the shrimp until they die and eat the dead shrimp… There are a few reasons for this: 1. Blue Velvet Shrimp require very little food. Blue Tiger shrimp grading. Therefore, you can feed them with almost anything. As a result, they call shrimp whatever they want them to name. You can my article about “Aquarium: Molting Process and Metabolism of the Dwarf Shrimp”. Thanks. There is a wide range of colures of N. davidi such as blue, green, orange, black, violet and yellow, etc., however, the red cherry shrimp … Keep in mind that shrimp are scavengers. Best regards, It is almost impossible to have a unified assessment system for new color variations nowadays. Examples: Blue Velvet Shrimp require very little food. We generally ship young adult shrimp that are already of breeding age.Â. Almost every kind of fish will feed on shrimp. Knowing how to prepare and eat the raw shrimp is something that is easy to learn for even the novice cook or beginning dieter. A serving of shrimp … For example, today you can find on the market –. Also, depending on the seller, the same color can be called Velvet or Dream. Purchase Blue Velvet Shrimp from Aquatic Arts. They behave like adults and easily feed by themselves. Actually, I have a big article about “Breeding and Life Cycle of Red Cherry shrimp”. They can also tolerate a wide range of water parameters, as long as your tank is stable … I’m Michael and this is the place where I nerd out about shrimp. They can comfortably live in a freshwater aquarium due to their ability to adapt to a new environment. When we say very little, we mean that one fish flake the size of a dime every day is enough for 10 or more shrimp. In shrimp keeping hobby, there is a lot of confusion about Blue color and different names. However, there must be adequate algae and/or biofilm in the tank for them to feed on. Because the Blue Tiger shrimp's blue coloration isn't always passed to all offspring, you will find different grades in every colony. They are the same species as cherry shrimp; they will breed the same, require the same water conditions and eat the same. Eating farmed shrimp is a toxic cocktail that can lead to … Find on the map and call to book a table. They love to graze on the plants for algae, 3. As all shrimp, Blue velvet shrimp require little feeding as long as there are algae, biofilm (and some other microorganisms to feed on) present in your tank. There are many species of shrimp. These are freshwater shrimp and can live in almost any freshwater aquarium due to their extremely adaptable nature. The diet of Blue Velvet Shrimp is very simple. These little scavengers love algae and plant growth. It must be another species. Dwarf shrimp love the cover that plants provide them, 2. A few years ago, there were attempts to implement blue color gradation “A”, “B”, and “C” (using the examples of Red cherry shrimp or Crystal red/black shrimp color and pattern gradation). Basically, they are bred similarly as the Red Cherry shrimp (here is the link to my guide about Red Cherry shrimp). In general, everything became very confusing, and very little is known about how this or that variant came to be bred. Other than that this species is not demanding at all. You can grill, smoke, saute, fry or eat it raw in ceviche. The swimmerets (pleopods) will constantly fan the eggs. They are the biggest of the gulf shrimp. Within 3 months, the newborn shrimp will be sexually mature and able to breed. Catfish love feeding on natural living or at least fresh bait much more than store-bought items. But that doesn’t mean you can be completely hands-off. Eating Shrimp. As a result, it will cause an offspring with mixed (wild and unstable) colors. Most shrimp operations can only exist for about 7 years before the pollution, waste and pathogens build up to a point where they kill off all the shrimp. This makes them perfectly suitable even for beginners looking to keep dwarf shrimp. Even better, shrimp bring in big health benefits whether they’re medium-sized or jumbo. Make sure to add some leaves to their diet, Indian almond leaves would be a great choice because of their outstanding qualities and properties (read my article about almond leaves in a shrimp tank). Blue Velvet Shrimp are VERY easy to breed. Therefore, vigilance and caution are necessary. Hi Mark, It’s still important to supplement their diet a bit. The main source of blue shrimp is Ecuador. Water temperature can be anywhere from 68°to 80° (Fahrenheit), but the fastest breeding occurs at about 76° F.  If you plan to breed the shrimp, you will NEED to have a sponge prefilter on your filter intake to prevent the shrimp from being sucked in.Â. While it is possible to keep this fish with cherry shrimp, it is also possible that it will go after them. That said, seafood shrimp … Having plenty of plant life and surfaces for algae and biofilm to accumulate will give them a lot to munch on! Ideally, there should not be any irregularity. Probably the absolute most popular aquarium shrimp in the hobby, cherry shrimp are appreciated for their red coloration, fast breeding and efficiency when it comes to eating algae. After that, they are ready to breed. If insufficient food is present, supplement with algae tablets or quality flake food or pellets. A pure blue shrimp does not have any red color or variations. Avoid feeding them with the same type of food for a long time. It is a native to Taiwan and also known as the name of Neocaridina davidi. Our Blue Velvet shrimp are all a bright cerulean blue color, with no other markings or colors. They also enjoy bloodworms, fish flakes, algae wafers, shrimp pellets and blanched zucchini or spinach. Blue velvet shrimp will also be fine with normal fish flakes or any other processed foods. If purchased, they will ship between November 16th and November 18th. Blue shrimp come from both marine fisheries and shrimp farms. When properly kept, 10 shrimp can turn into 1,000 within 6-8 months. You can also read my article “How to increase shrimplets survival rate?”. This means a good portion of their diet can be taken care of naturally by keeping them in a well-planned tank. Capture Methods. Blue Velvet shrimp should be kept in a well established shrimp only tank with plenty of biofilms for them to graze on. All Aquatic Arts brand plants and animals come with a 100% live arrival guarantee, plus free email support directly from the owners! Fantasy Blue Dream You will receive five (5) fantasy blue dream shrimp… That doesn’t mean it should become your go-to daily meal, but it does mean you and baby can benefit from some of the great nutrients in shrimp. Why? They are very popular for planted tanks and community tanks, and many people use them in large aquariums for waste management and algae control. Michael. Sta… blue. In tanks lacking algae or biofilm (usually newer tanks), shrimp can be fed by crushing algae flakes before dropping them in. I highly recommend reading my article “How to Supplement Shrimp and Snails with Calcium”. Do not forget to give them blanched vegetables once in a while (, Before you introduce Blue velvet shrimp to your tank, it should be, Regarding filtration, I would recommend using sponge or, Females will usually carry between 20 to 50 eggs beneath their tails. Although they are both Neocaridina species, they were bred from different genetic lines and backgrounds. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, and and other Affiliate programs. Soak the seeds overnight and start them indoors four to six weeks before the last frost. So, if you are interested in getting into this hobby or just want some extra tips and tricks, well this is the right place for you. They are extremely adaptable. Though they are extremely adaptable and will thrive in a pH of 6.4 to 8, we have found that the optimum pH is between 6.8 and 7.5. Today I would like to address this question that we see happen a lot in comments, forums, and Facebook groups. (at least from time to time). They eat similar to the Red Cherry Shrimp, having a voracious appetite. The Blue Shrimp, #6 among Puerto Vallarta seafood restaurants: 3277 reviews by visitors and 20 detailed photos. But if you want to eat shrimp … Blue shrimp sold in the U.S. market are primarily from Ecuador, Honduras and Panama. link to The Ideal Water Parameters for Fish and Shrimp Keeping. This is crazy. In addition, you will not worry that some of your baby shrimp will get sucked into the filter. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Always look at the ingredient list for any product going into the aquarium to ensure they are copper free. You can read more “How I Drip Acclimate Shrimp and Why” right here. Therefore, you can feed them with almost anything. Wild shrimp … Otocinclus (safe to keep with breeding shrimp as well). “A” (deep blue color) should have been the highest and “C” the lowest quality of color. If your tank doesn’t have much of this you will want to supplement with a high quality shrimp … Buy gulf pink shrimp online because it’s the best, Grade-A shrimp in the world. In my article “Nitrates in Shrimp Tank. As I have already said, your water parameters must be stable and ensure that there is enough food in the tank, especially during the breeding period. They're raised in ponds on a controlled diet. Do not forget to give them blanched vegetables once in a while (check out my article “How to Blanch Сucumbers and Zucchini for Shrimp, Snails and Fish the Right Way”). In the wild, shrimp are one of the most favorite fish foods. Their care requirements are very similar to Red Cherry Shrimp (the most popular type of dwarf shrimp in the aquarium hobby), and they are just as hardy and easy to breed. Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobsters are not fussy eaters. The Ideal Water Parameters for Fish and Shrimp Keeping. … Note: However, everybody has different preferences and all these strict rules are barely applied anymore nowadays. You can read my articles about “Red Cherry Shrimp Grading” and “Crystal Red Shrimp Grading (with pictures)” right here. The Blue Dream shrimp that have the red color is known as the Blue Jelly or the Blue Velvet. Warning! $39.95. Some shrimp breeders claim that Blue dream Neocaridina originates from Carbon Rili Neocaridina shrimp. Yes, pregnant women can, in fact, eat shrimp. Blue Velvet Shrimp are omnivores that will consume algae, detritus and left over food. Shrimp is naturally low in fat and an excellent source of protein. The seller should be able to tell you if they will breed true or not. If you do not want to lose the color of your shrimp, you should not keep them with other Neocaridina species because of the risk of hybridization. I have had light blues that produced all blue … You do not need to have a heater unless your room temperature fluctuates too much (too fast). The swimmerets (, In the wild, shrimp are one of the most favorite fish foods. Blue Tiger Shrimp. They will be good companions for your shrimp. They are very hardy and easy to breed. Shrimp and prawn are important types of seafood that are consumed worldwide. Their coloration can vary through a range of blue (from light blue to intense blue but not dark) depending upon genetics, substrate, and diet (, Because shrimp hobby is growing so fast that lots of people create their own color and pattern variations. How to Lower them” I describe the negative effect of nitrates on shrimp. The "vein" of a shrimp is actually its digestive tract, typically a thin, dark tube of, well, shrimp poop. Blue Jelly Shrimp like to have plants to move around and climb; providing these will give you a healthy shrimp. For example, in Japan, some color morphs are sold for thousands of dollars on auctions! Blue shrimp are native in the eastern Pacific from Peru to Mexico, but are largely overfished. Blue Velvet Shrimp require little care, quickly reproduce, and are fun to watch. They are pretty cheap and extremely beneficial for the shrimp. These critters are scavenging omnivores that spend their time looking for algae and any other organic matter they can get their hands on (like biofilm). It is by far the best shrimp food. Although shrimp and prawns belong to different suborders of Decapoda, they are very similar in appearance and the terms … While Blue velvet shrimp must have a solid (light-translucent) blue color. Blue shrimp are native to the eastern Pacific, from Mexico to Peru. All that we require is that you send us a clear, digital picture of the unopened bag of DOAs, and we will replace them free of charge. For example, I would strongly advise to give them Bacter AE. Plants will provide hiding places, the additional surface area for food, and will play an important part in the nitrogen cycle. Choosing the “right” shrimp is tough and most of the shrimp you find on menus has no country of origin or method of catch listed. Good choices are: Unsafe: Any fish or invertebrate large and/or aggressive enough to eat a dwarf shrimp. That’s a crayfish, probably electric blue. 5 Fantasy Blue Dream Shrimp. We have kept them in water as hard as 20gH/400 TDS and still saw them breed incredibly fast. This fishery catches a high amount of bycatch, so Seafood Watch lists them as a species to avoid. (at least from time to time). Have a well-prepared diet plan on existing algae, biofilm, and other foods in the water. All these qualities make them a perfect choice for beginners and more experienced shrimp keepers as well. Due to the stunning color, Blue Velvet Shrimp are gaining more and more popularity among shrimp keepers. babaulti, Malawa Shrimp, Tangerine Tiger Shrimp, Red Nose shrimp, and Ghost shrimp. However, you can keep them with Amano shrimp, Bamboo shrimp, Vampire shrimp, Caridina cf. I have what appears to be a blue dream shrimp. Though, in this case, you will have to be in constant control over your water parameters because all dwarf shrimp prefer consistency and in small tanks, everything can go wrong very fast. Do not worry, they do not eat healthy plants. Do not worry, they do not eat healthy plants. Therefore, it is a sigh of a low-grade coloration. The Blue Velvet Shrimp; the scientific name is Neocaridina davidi var. If you have access to freshwater shrimp and they live wild in your state, definitely use them. You can read my article about “The Best Filtration System for Breeding Shrimp”. Other shrimp keepers believe that Blue dream originates from Chocolate (Wild Schoko shrimp) and Blue Velvet shrimp is the result of Blue Carbon Rili and Blue dream crossbreeding. Overfeeding is a common cause of death, so do not feed them more than they can eat in two hours. Basically, the more diverse their diet the more necessary nutrient and microelements they will get for healthy growth and molting. Like Amano shrimp they will eat … Almost every kind of fish will feed on shrimp. Required fields are marked *. So keeping them with other types of fish is a bad idea. Their diet includes uneaten food, … Blue velvet shrimp will also be fine with normal fish flakes or any other processed foods. Plant the herb outside in April in most zones. Check my article about Bacter AE. They are very tolerant of hard water. These shrimp grow to a maximum size of 2 inches in length, although this will only be attained by the largest females. It is about 2.5″ long and rather aggressive towards other fish. The most common maximum length is about 1.5 inches for females, and 1.25 inches for males. Safe: Small, peaceful fish and invertebrates. Plants help keep the water clean for the shrimp, We have kept Blue Velvet Shrimp in a wide array of water parameters with great success. Lower intensity lighting and dark substrate also helps them achieve the brightest blues. Cameron’s premium shrimp have a mild, sweet flavor. However, it would be a great idea to put some plants in your shrimp tank. So if you don’t know where your shrimp is from or how it was raised or caught, it is best to skip it. He sent me the pictures and, yes, it was Blue crayfish (Procambarus alleni). Also, nearly every species of fish will eat dwarf shrimp fry, so breeding is best accomplished in species-only tanks. Avoid any food product, medication, or plant fertilizer that contains Copper of any form. If you have plants, you will always find them actively searching through them and grazing on them.