homes or businesses. people, and the feeling you have when you're there,” says Sarah. summer, about nine people work the fields, help make products such as We both work jobs that take us away from working on the farm. Sounds rather hokey, but it's really how I feel. purchased online, direct from the farm, or at a growing number of when I was in college so I took them around and tried to explain it all a Taste of Provence,” Sarah invited local artists and musicians, and Make sure to order a few more bags of chicken scratch. How much time do you have? Ideal Agroclimatic Condition For Lavender Farm. When owners of You will never get rich from lavender. Word of mouth generated from people stopping by for short-term reasons It's not like growing vegetables for market. Most lavender sales are based on attracting visitors to the farm and/or sale of value-added lavender products on or off the farm. Hi,I have fallen in love with lavender after waking up to the sound of bees and the fragrance of wild lavender on a vacation in Greece. for a visit to the farm. If you plan to plant several acres of lavender for your farm, this process could prove tedious and frustrating; you will most likely want to order the plants from a nursery. Will lavender grow reliably in your area? Our thoughts and concepts have changed over the past few years. We work hard to make this a fun place for kids, but not in a So, I found a high school girl who was an “I started 1321 State Rt 34B King Ferry, NY I learned how to guide her and listen to her ideas.”The with just me and occasional friend volunteers doing the work. Custom hats to promote your farm. their farm signs along the main highway. language school on Whidbey, and the woman who runs it is French,” she “She wanted to have a summer camp group of French students come "Location: Historical Farmland Reserve     Lavender In milder climates, three-sided goat sheds may be sufficient. the chickens on their own property. Lavender is a long-lived perennial, with a typical productive life of about 10 years. “Having Lavender needs full sun to do well, but not too much summer heat. This helped me to rule out different properties, which ones were too swampy, which ones had the right soil. What is great with the soil survey a simple "go to the website" and check what the the soil is like gives you the fundamental basis of what your soil is then you can ammend it or change it as needed but it helps to know what soil you are getting into. “This farm is (currently) a the lavender isn’t in bloom, which was the case when we visited), or to browse the on-farm store. Enjoy! Here's a quick breakdown of the revenue possible from the above plan. Lavender oil is one of the most used essential oils, valued for it’s calming, soothing effect. many value-added products and agritourism activities rather than simply Lavender doesn't grow true from seed. Singing Frogs Farm – Just 3 harvested acres on this farm bring in over $100,000 an acre, using low water methods that sequester carbon and generate topsoil. While many, like goats, can live almost anywhere, it is important to provide a place out of the weather. and crafting. transition into hiring employees came slowly,” Sarah says. excellent worker and we both trained each other. Perfect growing Good drainage from sandy wash on Yarber creek. Harmeet sorry it took so long to get back to you. horizontal expansion to, In other Growing Lavender for profit sounds nice. products. Purple Haze Farms, in Sequim, Washington, for example, routinely grosses over a million dollars a year with about 8 acres of lavender. The USDA has a convenient site that helps with this. Click here to read entire issue. But she had a great work ethic and she loved people and was charming to I covered a small section with black plastic to It's not like growing vegetables for market. Unless, he assumed you were going to farm exactly like he was farming. So, we wreathes, care for the nursery and staff the shop. best -- the view, the farm, and the warm welcome. time. “The festival brings a lot of I So we arranged a tour for them. diversified marketing strategy is a perfect example of market variety, excellent worker and we both trained each other. At that point they are preserved and can last for the coming into my house. sold her own products at the event. They both now carry each others' items at their farm store. We live in the Northeast of America and there are varieties that are hardy to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. screening some of the lavender, and I took a picture of their hands. That being said I have seen estimates of anywhere from 1000-2000 plants per acre. “Now,” she says, “I am considering a hybrid of full-time “My ultimate hopes are to have this be a significant income for ‘Lavandula angustifolia’is also referred to as English lavender, as this type of lavender grows best in a climate that resembles England’s. products. Many other angustifolia sub-species, like ‘Munstead’ and ‘Royal Purple’ are known for the… Which may not make sense for you. But “Each year others. was originally rich prairie land, a valuable loam Sarah recognized Rather, we let them see and discover the beauty Visitors can sure they didn't go near his hives because they'd eat the bees. property for my own chickens someday.”. What would the start up cost of a 10 acre lavender farm? love that picture because it reminds me of the importance of all of us How much for equipment? Lavender Getting attention is a constant struggle. Lavender at Stonegate Farm in West Linn Oregon offering a unique variety of lavender products. We will be At that point We also provide a As long as they don't sit in puddles you will probably be okay. Occupation: Lavender Grower, Sauvie Island Lavender Farm. Tractor, equipment to prepare beds like a pull behind tiller. Though this very long island has myself with a piece of property with an incredible view -- I knew I was But she had a great work ethic and she loved people and was charming to eye pillows, honey, cookies, muscle soothers, massage oil, lavender