Light Conditions: Schlumbergera like bright but indirect sunshine and prefer to be placed in a semi shade position away from direct sunshine. Christmas cactus ( Thanksgiving Cactus) Learn How to grow Christmas cactus (Thanksgiving cactus), A secret of blooming Christmas cactus, Growing Thanksgiving cactus, christmas cactus care, and more about the Holiday cactus plant.. Both Christmas and Thanksgiving Cactus are called “short day plants” (phototropic plants) meaning the shorter the days (fewer hours of light) and the cooler the night temperatures the more flowers they produce. While the Christmas cactus stems hang down like a pendent, the Thanksgiving cactus has stems that grow upright at first and then arch. In late fall, this tropical cactus bears big, beautiful flowers, which may be red, pink, peach, orange, white, or bicolored. HOW TO CARE FOR CHRISTMAS AND THANKSGIVING CACTUS . Native to rainforests, these plants lack the prickly personalities of a desert cactus, offering greenery that’s touchable and easy to maintain instead. Thanksgiving Cactus Varieties. Schlumbergera truncata, commonly know as Thanksgiving Cactus, is one of the Holiday Cacti that you may find in garden centers in the fall. Aside from the ever-popular Christmas cactus, you’ve probably also seen their counterparts, the Thanksgiving cactus and Easter cactus. This plant got its nickname from their willingness to bloom in late November, around Thanksgiving. Varieties of Christmas Cactus. If you follow my tips in this post, you will have a beautiful, long-lived houseplant that will bloom for you every year. Similar in appearance and culture to their cousins, Christmas Cactus and Easter Cactus, Thanksgiving Cactus can be long-lived and are even … How to Take Care of Zygocactus. There are several types of cacti that are connected in some way to the holiday season. Christmas cactus is a popular tropical houseplant offering bold, colorful blooms. Whether called Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter and labelled as Schlumbergera or Rhipsalidopsis, each variety gets the same care and can be encouraged to bloom on schedule with the special tips provided here.. Thanksgiving cacti have toothed stem segments that are long and narrow, connected by a mid-rib. Whether you’re dressing your Thanksgiving table or decking the halls, count on a holiday cactus to bring on the color. Zygocactus truncata). Instead, keep reading for complete care instructions, tips for propagation, and more. They do not look like a cactus, but in reality, this is a member of the cactus family and comes in two varieties. Zygocactus is a common name for Thanksgiving cactus (Schlumbergera truncata syn. 17 Safe Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year. 2 Walmart's Black Friday Deals Are Here. The care tips apply for both Christmas Cactus and Thanksgiving Cactus. Its deeply indented stems look like crab claws, giving it a second common name, Crab Cactus. It sells as "Christmas cactus," "Thankgiving cactus… One way to encourage buds is to leave either variety outside in a protected area until the temperature gets down to about 40 degrees. The care is the same and I will show you what the difference is too. 3 ... you need to follow all the steps involved with proper Christmas cactus care. Most places mistakenly sell Christmas Cactus as Thanksgiving Cactus!