This will make installing the new chain easier. In order to put the chainsaw chain back into place, people should make sure that the chainsaw chain is located in the right direction. Provided that the chainsaw chain is rotating in the right direction, you’ll get to do what you’re supposed to do with a chainsaw. However, we should always try to fix the blade often to familiarize ourselves with the process, and this would make us have sufficient skills. Do not put the chain saw on the ground when the chain is still moving. Our team is putting maximum efforts to provide you the best functionalities. This durable steel chainsaw chain from Ryobi is suitable for a Ryobi RCS3835B & RCS4235B Petrol Chainsaws. Whilst using my chainsaw (little Ryobi) the chain came off. Using the slotted screwdriver end of the bar wrench, slowly turn the tension screw to tighten the chain blade. Go through the next section-. Now that the chainsaw is safe to work with, it’s time to clean it. If your chainsaw has lost its good buzz, you can give it new life with a quick chain change you can do yourself. The Black and Decker Alligator is an efficient lopper that can cut small branches and shrubs with ease. bar and chain! Remove the chain cover. If you still find it loose, you can adjust the tension screw to set it right on the desired tension level. Removing a link from the chain will save you money compared with buying a new chain. Use one hand to slide the chain blade while tightening the tension screw. Maintain a proper grip on the saw whenever the unit is running. The rails around the perimeter of the bar should be clear of any debris. The teeth of the chain need to be facing away from the people wielding the chainsaw. Technical specification of Ryobi RAC221 Chainsaw chain; Product weight: 0.2kg: … Written by: Eric Blankenburg. I use a Husqvarna chainsaw that sometimes gets its chain stuck out. Cutting with a chainsaw takes several things to take care of. Then again, you might just want to put the chainsaw away for long term storage. The Ryobi battery powered, electric chain saw uses an 18-volt battery to supply power to the unit. At this step, it’s time to take off the parts and housing of the chainsaw. Put the new chain in the correct direction onto the bar and make sure that the drive links are aligned in the bar groove. Now you have to remove some other elements from the chainsaw to successfully back your chain on its place. 5. Because the chain brake prevents the clutch drive from moving altogether and you may need to remove the chain entirely, make sure to disengage the chain brake before trying to reattach or re-tension the chain. Relevance. As an additional safeguard, it has an inertia-activated chain brake to stop the chain automatically and a SAFE-T-TIP bar to protect against rotational kickback. If you find still your chain is loose, again remove the chain bar, chain, and housing of your chain saw and be prepared to repeat the setting procedure of your chain on to the chain bar with proper tension. Remove the bar mounting nuts using the combination wrench provided. Ryobi Chainsaw 1835. Some chains can be repaired from this type of damage with a flat file. This unit comes equipped with a powerful 37cc engine and a 14 in. So running at 16-inches has less length, but more kick. Mount a saw chain correctly with the tooth bevel facing forward on the saw. Step 2 - Remove Nuts and Housing . Page 17 OPERATION WARNING: THE SAW CHAIN SHOULD NEVER TURN AT IDLE. Thread starter dalejg; Start date Mar 28, 2011; dalejg. Attach it carefully to the exact place. Some may become bent chipped or broken. He is a small business owner and a world traveler with a master's degree in communications from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Starting the chain saw: Place the chain saw on a flat bare surface and make sure no objects or obstructions are in immediate vicinity which could come in contact with the bar and chain. You have to keep screwing the tension screw until you get the right tension. Clean the Bar and Side Panel: As you’ve dismantled your chainsaw, clean the side panel and bar before putting the chain back on the saw. The common form of wear is the groove of the bar wearing wider. In this video a Weingartz expert demonstrates how to replace a chain on a chainsaw. 7 Answers. But somehow, if the chain gets off its place, what would you do? Tighten the two nuts holding the bar cover plate in place, without removing the supporting 2x4 block. tree rings 4 image by Watt from Chainsaw power is measured using the following units: 1. Now, it’s time to set the right amount of tension around the chain.