For some background, I’m a small woman (size 0-1ish) and I’ve always been small. It’s like a pain on both sides of my rib cage and it’s like a stiff pain that aches for a while after. I’ve had a colonoscopy, a lapraacopy, a CT scan, ultra sounds vaginally, and stomach. she said ur kidneys are there and it can be very serious! So basically for the past few days on and off my ribs hurt when i breathe or lay down and right now I have the hiccups and it hurts really bad so this has happened before but goes... View answer . Lv 4. Top 4 Causes for Pain Under Right Rib When Breathing. my left ribs hurt every time i sneeze or lay down in bed and when i roll over in bed , sharp pain like its really sore or something, or do i have a broken rib, when i'm on my feet i'm ok but when i la … read more The kidneys are a pair of organs located below your ribs on either side of your spine. Sometimes, pain under the right ribs can feel like dull aches that seem to gnaw at your upper abdomen. My ribs hurt when I lay on my side to truly makes sleeping even harder. It can’t be happening. March 24, 2012 at 11:30 pm; Report; Yes! Liver. I have no idea why this is. I stretch my arm above my head while the other arm is beneath my head to try and move him out. There are a variety of conditions that may cause this type of pain. Like if I lay on one of my sides, the pain goes away. Yes, when I told my hepatologist that I had pain under the right rib, just before being diagnosed with NAFLD, she told me that it’s not related to the liver. It hurts when I breath in or laugh. On my side I hurt something by lunging and reach over a backrest (with the backrest sticking in my side as I tried to pick something up), and I knew something unusual happened because it felt like a very weird pain. When i have the pain it hurts worse to move. Dr. Frances Ilozue answered 24 years experience Family Medicine ITB pain is in the side of the thigh – it is not referred from the back. is it normal for my ribs to hurt when I lay on my side? Donald K. Leow. It's not normally if i sleep on my belly or press on it with my forearm, it feels higher. It's a tight pain as if somebody is pinching my ribs together. My ribs on that side feel it the most, and the culprit seems to be a small area (muscle) in my back near the center. (I do roll over on either side occasionally, but on my back is most comfortable). It hurts to walk, sleep, or lay on my side...or lay on my back for that matter. Probably not as painfull as the rib injury you mentioned above but when I got out of bed in the morning it was hard to move my midsection. its lasted about 3-4 weeks for me now. Medical experts recommend pregnant women sleep on their side, but what if it makes you so uncomfortable you can’t even fall asleep? Don't you visit a physician? I have pain in the middle right side of my back and when I try and lay down, the pain radiates around the side of my abdomen but just under my ribs. I have been playing with a pain in my right side for a few weeks now, hurt like hell on my last round, I recon that I may have pull an intercostal muscle in my ribs (like Paul Casey) so I think I am gonna have a few weeks off to rest it, this should coincide with my i15's truning up anyway so I am hoping it will be better by then. for me, it hurts wen i take a deep breath, move a certain way, lay down or wen it is touched more on the soft side, but it helps wen i apply pressure on it. If your ribs hurt when breathing, your body is trying to tell you something is wrong. This pain is soooo real. thank you. Does anyone have any ideas or experiences as to why sleeping on my back is causing this? Only when I'm lying on my back. When I sit up, … read more. And hurts so bad at times. To the point of going to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. When I lay down on my left side, it feels very uncomfortable and it feels like i have knot or something underneath that hurts when i put pressure on it (from lying on my side on the mattress). It's been like this for the last 6 months or so. Tenderness when touching the area; Swelling; Redness; Pain when taking a breath in; 6. 8 sources of ache underneath ribs (left) mayoguide. Slipping rib syndrome occurs when the cartilage on a person’s lower ribs slips and moves, leading to pain in their chest or upper abdomen. Under my rib. I get this too when I sleep I have to lay sideways with my arm under my head and on the top side of my head. It doesn't hurt all the time just when I cough , bend over too fast or lay on my left side.... View answer. Came back with nothing. I always have loose stools. A blood clot in the lungs is a … Costochondritis . And did a lapraacopy. S tabbing pain in ribs when lying on sides or stretching to left or right side. Uaual. If you experience rib pain when you press the left side of your ribcage or stretch your body, one of a few problems could be the culprit. Or do more the. At first it was the front part of my right ribs that hurt but, a couple days after that my side started to hurt. Location: This large organ lies in the right upper abdomen, just below the rib cage. please help. They come and go but have for the most part, stuck around. i havent gone to the DR yet but plan to! Three days ago, I fell against the bathroom cabinet and think I bruised or cracked ribs. I started having pains right under the bottom part of my ribs on the left side of my body 2 nights ago. I’m 3 months pregnant and sleeping on my side is like the only comfortable position I could sleep on without feeling like i’m suffocating myself to death. If no ,are you thinking on one Subject continuosly? Apr 26, 2012 rib pain left side ache on left facet under rib cage laid low with prolonged muscle strain because of a poor bed and how you sleep. If anyone has any insight, it would be appreciated and if there are stretches I could do to help it I would be grateful to know. I am 68 yr old and in good health. And the pain is in my right ribs only. I also have this problem with my little guy. Answered by : Dr. T Chandrakant ( General Surgeon) Suggest treatment for injured ribs . Shelly. Fractured Rib. I want to go to the doctor and ask whats wrong with me. Symptoms. I hurt 24/7 on mmy left side and I take pain oils every 2 hrs, I push on it and it is like air, I had blood in my stool and now I don't,i cant keep nothing down unless I take pain pills than I don't puke, they ckd me at the hos. This may be caused by trauma to the ribs or even prolonged coughing. Since November 2013 I have been struggling with a stabbing pain in my ribs right under my … My ultra-modern is a pain in my the front upper left side proper under my rib cage. Good day. My right side of my ribs hurt and when ever I breathe my lower right side of my ribs hurt. 2. Other possible causes of pain in right side under ribs include tuberculosis and other types of lung infection, pleural effusion, lung cancer and mesothelioma. Various causes of pain affecting the liver include: Trauma in the form of blunt or sharp injury to the upper right abdominal wall. It feels like a really bad runner's cramp. my left side of my ribs hurt every morning getting out of bed i use a heatig pad and tylenol for pain sumtimes the pain goes away for a few hours but thats only if i sleep in late most of the time they dont bother me if i wake up early and stay awake for a few hours but they act up again a few hours later do u know what the cause is for that. Even though cardiac-related chest pain usually feels like a squeezing sensation on the left side, pain that is felt under your right ribs should not be ignored. Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist. You try to sleep left side .ithink you have before spine problem? Am very sore between breast and waist from midline to my side. Here are some of the most common causes for pain under right rib when breathing. If I roll over I can move around until it pops and the pain goes away. I'm 15 years old, average size weight but sort of short (in case any of this matter) no health problems but I have a very low iron level. When you cough, you expand your ribcage and this may displace the fracture. Relevance. 1 Answer. I’m Pregnant But Sleeping on My Side Hurts. Inflammation in the rib cartilage, known as costochondritis, is … Any before you have fallen ?? 2 years ago. I see a chiropractor and her adjustments have no effect on this morning pain. Blood Clot in Lungs. The pain is a shooting intense pain. She said that the liver doesn’t hurt. MD. I too have paid pains on my right side. But there's no deformities on the other side. Pain will occur while walking (especially on slippery surfaces like smooth shoes on polished shopping centre floors), while lying on the affected side in bed and often while lying on the other side if the painful leg is allowed to flop forward and touch its knee to the bed. Especially after I eat. a. arriana_d. a bubbling feeling but no pain on the left side of my chest whenever i'm lying down on my left side. keeplivinon. Pain in the right side under your ribs can make you worry, especially if the pain is sharp, stabbing, and comes on suddenly. Is going to sleep in a different position really going to make a difference? My ribs always hurt when I lay on my stomach and always have since I was a kid. Dear doctors, I am desperately seeking some advice, my ribs have been raised on the right side for about 2 months now or longer, I have had back problems in the past im not sure if that has anything to do with it. Dr. Tom Miller and Dr. Howard Sharp, OB/GYN, answer common questions pregnant women have regarding bedtime. Answered by : Dr. Mukesh Chugh ( Orthopaedic Surgeon) What causes severe pain in upper left side of chest that hurts when breathing and laying on back? Yet, it was there and I know that there are many people like me, feeling that pain under the right rib. Answer . If you have side pain when coughing, you may have a cracked or fractured rib. This rib I do have issues with rubbing and grinding ect. Answer Save. The pain is usually constant, and ive been having it for almost 4 years now. i also have this pain right best friend is a physical therapist. If I move or lay down or sneeze and laugh, it feels like someone is stabbing me really hard between my ribs. Their function is to filter the blood and get rid of excess fluids and wastes in the urine. The pain is usually even if I'm sitting and if I'm on my side, it hurts on both sides as well, seemingly more pain on the side that curves rather than the one laying against the bed. They thought I may have endo. MD. Frances. Because if I put my arms on my side or infront I can't breathe and I feel baby on top of my rib:/ Report as Inappropriate. Some people ask, “Why do my kidneys hurt at night?” Any pain associated with one or both kidneys are usually felt in the flank or back, towards the edge of the lower ribs. Whenever I lay down on my back, (like when I'm trying to sleep for instance) my ribs on the right side start to hurt badly. When I lay on my right side there is a tight pain on my ribs on the left side? My cough of 3-4 weeks is nearly gone but, I have a bad pain on my right side.