His final move is Dragon Breath. You battle Wallace in Emerald.) Jynx is the only Pokemon in Lorelei's roster that isn't affected by Electric or Grass Type moves. Move set: 3.1. Feb 8, … To beat them your Pokémon should be at least at Level 55 each. Tentacruel has pretty great Special Defense to defend of Psychic types, but mediocre Defense for Ground. so you might do well to bring a Pokemon with the Brick Break attack, which will also his Cradily and Aggron for very high damage. Also in Emerald, there's another something you might want to know about later... [Go to top]← Ever Grande City 2 | The Elite Four | S.S. The third member of the Elite Four is Glacia, a master Ice-type Trainer. Your party Pokémon will enter the hall of Fame and will get a ribbon each. The other Banette has Spite, which will lower your Pokemon's PP when it's used, Will-O-Wisp, which causes burning and Faint Attack which never misses. If it hits, and luckily for you there's a good chance that it won't, it will knock out any Pokemon that is not at the same or a lower level and is not Shedinja or a Pokemon with Sturdy. Tentacruel afterwards, level 55, Clear Body for the ability, with Toxic, Ice Beam, Surf, and Sludge Bomb. Plan accordingly and he should go down. This team loves to rack up residual damage by way of poison, confusion, entry hazards, and more. Therefore the only safe way of defeating Absol is to just pound him with powerful, and preferably super effective, attacks. Sp.Atk: 95 4.5. Being a Ghost and Dark type, she has no type weaknesses. L48 Cofagrigus♀ 1. He also has Dragon Breath, which can cause paralysis, and Sandstorm. The second Sealeo has Attract, Blizzard and Dive. After defeating them, you face the champion. Hoenn offers a robust crowd of challengers plus a champion you will recall seeing as a critical ally in your quest. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Wiki Guide. The champion, Steven Stone, uses Pokemon that are all immune to Sandstorm, since they are Steel, Rock or Ground types, in Aggron's case both a Steel and a Rock type. Method: The simplest possible team that can win the tournament comprises four Pokémon: One fire, One Water,One Ice and One Electric type. Earthquake is a fantastic attack to bring too, although remember that Skarmory and Claydol are impervious to it. Claydol will attempt to cut all damage you can inflict through dual screen use (Light Screen and Reflect both last five turns remember!) Whiscash's only weakness is Grass, which was classified as a Special move in that Generation, so Amnesia effectively weakens the moves. - A full walkthrough for all badges and the Pokemon League challenges. The simplest possible team that can win the tournament comprises four Pokémon: One fire, One Water,One Ice and One Electric type. It is advised you study these Elite Four members well before heading into the Pokemon League. This Milotic is almost one you could use on a Stall team, in fact, it works quite well. Sp.Def: 105 4.6. A guide to Pokémon Emerald gym leaders and the Elite Four, including the Pokémon they use. Speed: 30 Cofagrigus is a bit more vulnerable to Special attacks than to … The second Flygon has Sand Attack in addition to Flamethrower, Dragon Breath and Crunch. The true star of the show here is Metagross, which has four very strong moves and can punch a hole in any team ill prepared. Rustboro City Gym Leader ... Elite Four: Steven Speciality: Steel, Rock and Ground: Skarmory: Drake's Altaria has Dragon Dance to increase his Speed and Attack at the same time. She also has Body Slam, Surf and Blizzard, being the only member of Glacia's team who doesn't know Hail. Next up is Glacia, who uses Ice type Pokemon. Method: Kicking off this Elite Four is the Dark-type master Sidney. He also has Confuse Ray, which is extremely annoying, Ancient Power and Sludge Bomb. You could also use a Dark type, which is immune to Extrasensory, meaning that Shiftry can only hurt you on the first turn with Fake Out, which causes flinching, or get you to hurt yourself with Swagger, which also increases your Pokemon's Attack by two levels. Armaldo has Aerial Ace, a ridiculous move for a member of his species, Water Pulse, Slash and Ancient Power. You can savor your victories in various ways: win the contests and catch the three Regi's if you didn't do that before. She has Attract to infatuate male Pokemon, and will then use Shadow Ball, Faint Attack and Psychic. Scrafty ♂ Level 70 ... Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Wiki Guide; HP: 58 4.2. She also has Toxic, which will cause steadily increasing damage to any Pokemon that is not immune or is not protected by Safeguard, although Toxic sometimes misses. Future Sight doesn't work until two turns after it's used and Curse forces her to sacrifice half of her HP. He specializes in Dark Pokémon. ROM hack for: Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire (Nintendo 3DS) Pokémon Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire are ROM hacks for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. As a Water type Champion, his Pokemon are all of the Water type. Skarmory also has Toxic which can be a problem, in addition to his main move, Steel Wing, and the unavoidable Aerial Ace. Keep in mind Sableye has no weakness in this generation as you prepare for battle. Admittedly there aren't many Ghost types to choose from in Hoenn, but there is Shedinja so she could have used it. This league reverts to the classic method of you battling them in order, but after the completion of the Delta Episode, the Elite Four can be rematched at a higher level. Mystery Dungeon: Blazing, Stormy & Light Adventure Squad, Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Time & Darkness. Shiftry has the same massive weakness to Bug types that Cacturne has. In Ruby and Sapphire, you fight Steven. Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire music that I made play for 15 minutes. Just something to keep in mind. Go ahead on the quest to complete your Pokédex. Any fast Fighting-type, like Blaziken or Breloom, is an ideal match-up. Defense: 145 4.4. He starts the battle with Mightyena who will lower your Pokemon's Attack with Intimidate. Elite Four #1: Sidney Member: Sidney Specialty: Dark-type. If you picked Torchic because you thought Steven was still champion, then you have another thing coming. On Pheobe's last Dusclops use Thief to steal its sitrus and then use Crunch, or Bite. Another thing your should remember about Cacturne is that, despite not being a Rock, Ground or Steel type, he is immune to Sandstorm because of Sand Veil, which makes him harder to hit in a Sandstorm. Be patient. Your team should be balanced and be between levels 45-55. This page was last edited on 22 January 2020, at 02:56. Gyarados will end the fight really quickly if you're not careful, level 56, with Earthquake, Surf, Dragon Dance, and Hyper Beam, with a few Dragon Dances, Hyper Beam does a crap ton of damage if not named Rock or Steel. Salamence is, like all of Drake's Pokemon, vulnerable to Ice types but has Flamethrower to hit them super effectively, unless they are also a Water type. His moveset is dreadful and he is extremely vulnerable to both Ground and Fighting types. To beat the Elite Four, I recommend you to choose Torchic as a starter. Be careful for Walrein's OHKO move Sheer Cold, which can instantly turn the tide of battle. You can now visit the enjoyable Sky Pillar and catch Rayquaza (Ruby and Sapphire) and Battle Tower or Battle Frontier (Emerald). Cradily is resilient and has Giga Drain to make him even harder to take down. Following that you take on the Elite Four and the Champion. Whiscash is recommended, but any Water-Ground or Water-Rock type will do. In all three versions, you can acquire the other with the Eon Ticket event item which will take you to Southern Island. Although he specializes in the very defensive Steel-type, you will learn early on he sports a mixture of Steel-type, Rock-type, and Ground-type Pokemon, all of whom are not affected by Sandstorm damage. Water Spout works best when Wailord is at full HP, so you bring him down, it's not as bad. He uses dragon pokemon. First up is sidney who uses Dark types. Gym leaders. Luckily for you, Aerial Ace is an infinite accuracy move, and Ludicolo is weak to Flying, along with Bug and Poison. The Elite Four from Ruby and Sapphire will be covered here. You battle Wallace in Emerald.) Next in line is the Ghost-type master, Phoebe. Any fast Fighting-type, like Blaziken or Breloom, is an ideal match-up. Train Electric, Grass Type Pokemon To Beat Lorelei. Next and last of the Elite Four is Drake. He also has Refresh, which is pointless since if you cause a status condition, Drake can just recall Altaria so that he heals himself with Natural Cure.