See other reviews from M. James Ward. Par 4 – 344/301. In nearly all national ratings Somerset Hills has not just been rated in various top 100 polls -- but often in the top 50. However, since the hole turns left -- it's just as easy for players to hit a drive down the adjoining 1st hole and possibly leave a shorter second into the green. Tillinghast in 1917 as one of his earlier works, the course remains almost completely untouched from its original design. The hole has been lengthened just a tad to now being over 200 yards and the presentation of the land is truly magnificent. All Rights Reserved. We played the Blue/White combination tees which comes to about 6550 yards, rated 72.2/137. At the end of the season, the monies will be distributed to any professional in the fund who had an Ace in any Section event throughout the season. It remains to be seen what the club will decide as the tenth green is very good with a very pronounced back to front tilt leading to a false front where balls will release back into the front bunkers. Well, sometimes one does not get it right the first time. Older remains from the Upper Late Palaeolithic era (12,000–13,000 years ago) have been found. Somerset Hills Country Club has a rich history that began over 100 years ago. 15. I like the options presented here. It's sufficiently long enough for core golfers and thankfully the club has avoided the inane siren song that other clubs have been tempted with in extending holes again and again in a mindless manner. The green is elevated and sits with higher ground to the left and behind it. My only downside to the outward half is the par-5 9th. Longer hitters will fly the rise in the hill and the ball will get a substantial roll-out on the other side as the land falls to the green. The green is steeply sloped to the right so the ideal shot comes in as far left as one dares. Left of the green set well below it are two deep bunkers while on the right front is a single bunker. The green sits below you and has two raised bunkers on the left and three on the right. This is why it is often advisable to play a very good golf course at least three times before one does an evaluation. The correct play is off to the left where it is easier to catch a substantial fall in the land and get as much as 80 yards of roll. What is currently being considered for the tenth hole is lengthening it by as much as 60-70 yards as Mr. Doak and the club think there is a suitable location in the woods behind the current green. Most of them at least 3 times. It is a very tricky hole and a good one. Curtis Cup, 2020-01-14 Somerset Hills VIII HOA Minutes Our next board meeting is February 11, 7 p.m. at Valley Covenant Church, 3636 W. 18th Ave. But first of all you’ll need to befriend a kindly member because Somerset Hills is yet another of America’s prestigious private clubs. At the green there is a long section of raised mound to the left with a bunker sitting inside of it and the green. The green has a lot of interior movement to it, to a front left swale forcing balls back down the green, a lower right half, and various little ripples. The setting of the hole is gorgeous, although the hole is not nearly in the same league as the second and eighth. Picking the correct club and matching the ideal trajectory is central to any success here. The conditions are excellent. The green itself is contoured with a hint of eccentric genius, with the back left portion almost unfit for a hole location. There is an early bunker on the right of the beginning of the fairway but I find that to be more in play for the tenth hole. Tillie simply used the land he found -- there's no insertion of extras -- the hole sells itself brilliantly in showing that "less is indeed more." I am not suggesting two long par-4's should have been included but given the series of holes one plays from #11 to #16 you feel like the moviegoer who has enjoyed all that has happened but feels the ending could have been a tad better. On the right side of the green is a steep hill that fortune will either send a ball onto the green or into a bunker.