should she flee? How little that crowd of old are to be envied! It remains for me to reveal why the toga virilis, the gown. 65. Even if he were more skilled than Tychius: And even if he were cleverer with his hands. The old fellow heard a swarm humming in a hollow elm. (Numa) Pompilius, who was escorted to Rome from the lands where olives grow, was the first to perceive that two months were lacking to the year, whether he learned that from the Samian sage17 who though that we could be born again, or whether it was his Egeria who taught him. He is said to have drawn up an exact table of the periods within which the sun returns to his proper signs. [543] But since erroneous rumours are rife as to who this goddess is, I am resolved to throw no cloak about her tale. Much our gratitude doth owe to thee, and something, too, to Elissa. The knowing river stemmed his silent waters. I sympathised, Romulus, and gave you your father’s spirit: “Forget prayers,” I said, “Arms will grant what you seek.”, He prepared a feast for the god, Consus. They often returned pleased with the blood of robbers. A woman who’d age as the Sibyl, in her cups. The Phoenician exile is tossed on the swelling waves and hides her wet eyes in her robe: then for the first time did she call her sister Dido happy, and happy any woman who anywhere did tread dry land. And also those who officially merited horses. Nephele, “the cloud.” When he would have kissed her, Mars suddenly perceived Anna; now shame, now anger moved the god befooled. When Amulius, knew of this, a man scornful of justice, (Since he overcame his own brother and took his power), He ordered the twins drowned in the river. On these days, too, the robed wife of the Flamen Dialis with peaked cap36 must keep her hair uncombed. Among the captive girls, of outstanding beauty. plebs vetus et nullis etiam tum tuta tribunis fugit et in Sacri vertice montis erat. While she sat, the shady willows and the tuneful birds and the soft murmur of the water induced to sleep. [87] If you are at leixure, look into the foreign calendars, and you shall find in them also a month named after Mars. Men put off savagery, justice was more puissant than arms, citizen thought shame to fight with citizen, and he who but now had shown himself truculent would at the sight of an altar be transformed and offer wine and salted spelt on the warm hearths. And whoever, anywhere, might be treading dry land. Of the bull, in the flames, would defeat the eternal gods. They say that when the stepmother72 was searching for the boy, the nymphs of Nysa screened the cradle in ivy leaves. See above, 1. Mothers justly observe the rites on my day. Bears his grandchild on his shield: a sweeter use for it. And a loud crash came from the depths of the sky. When he came to himself, “King and father of the high gods,” he said, “vouchsafe expiations sure for thunderbolts, if with pure hands we have touched thine offerings, and if for that which now we ask a pious tongue doth pray.” The god granted his prayer, but hid the truth in sayings dark and tortuous, and alarmed the man by an ambiguous utterance. 47. [523] On the Ides is held the jovial feast of Anna Perenna51 not far from the banks, O Tiber, who comest from afar. 68. The sky was his earth, wings acted instead of feet. He demanded a life, Numa replied: ‘A fish’s’. He’d already given the Salii, named from their leaping (saltus). He spoke as follows: ‘The time is here for the promised gift, Jupiter, make true the words of your pledge.’. 52. Anna leapt up, then jumped from a low window. Silvia. Ovid suggests that he boys might defraud their schoolmasters, (or, reading fraudante, exhorts the masters not to cheat the goddess of her little earnings). When asked, to all farmers and masters of herds. Now he enjoys the sky, that his wings once sought. A pebbly brook flows down with fitful murmur; oft have I drunk of it, but in little sips. He spoke, and was carried above the quaking sky. In a hollow elm the old fellow heard the humming of a swarm; he spied the combs and kept his counsel. Never suffered for confessing your desire to me. Semele, mother of Bacchus, requested Jupiter to show himself in full majesty. The Cytherean59 hero perceived her distress and accosted her; yet did he weep, touched by memory of thee, Elissa. And traditional rights were properly observed. Detailed, well referenced, and meticuluosly edited, this volume will make the teaching and study of Book 3 of Ovid’s Fasti a pleasure for colleagues and their students. And led him on, in foolish hope, with false delays. [771] It remains for me to discover why the gown of liberty73 is given to boys, fair Bacchus, on thy day, and a youth, and thy age is midway between the two; or it may be that, because thou art a father, fathers commend to thy care and divine keeping the pledges that they love, their sons; or it may be that because thou art Liber, the gown of liberty is assumed and a freer (liberior) life is entered upon under thine auspices. With garlands, carries lighted torches from the City. 23. She burned on the pyre built for her funeral: Her ashes were gathered, and this brief couplet. Nay, Romulus assigned jus t the same number of divisions to the tribes, the Titienses, the Ramnes, as they are called, and the Luceres. And those sacrilegious hands sought me with their blades. It’s thought that horned Numicius swept her away. There she sailed, and when she was no further away. A covert allusion to the Civil Wars: Pompey’s wife Julia was Caesar’s daughter. A ROMAN HECALE: OVID FASTI 3.661-74(1) haec quoque, quam referam, nostras pervenit ad auris fama, nec a veri dissidet illa fide. The constellation, whether you call it Arctophylax. Text und englische Übersetzung. Often they came home glad at blood of robbers spilt, and to their own domain drove back the raided kine. Lest Minerva think that she alone can do so. Was removed then, and fresh leaves honoured. But thousands of hornets gathered, thrusting their stings. A river in Latium; rivers are called horned, being personified as bulls. He wept at losing her who had shared his double peril, wotting not that she was wedded to the blue god. iv. We use cookies for essential site functions and for social media integration. First after the third the folk of Cures place it, And the Pelignian soldiers agree with their Sabine. Here Hippolytus hides, who was torn to pieces. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License. Why should she come into the Latin land? The yoke, then raised the gift from the ground, And called it ancile, because it was cut away (recisum). 61. Stood together before the altar, bemoaning their mutual fate. And some make leafy huts out of branches. Until the time of your wars, faithless Carthaginian. The Greek ampelos, “vine.” More vigorously, and Senators worked their fathers’ land. [259] Who will now tell me why the Salii27 bear the heavenly weapons of Mars and sing of Mamurius? Their mother, Nephele, departed, and he married Ino. 77. Except that he feared Pygmalion’s great power. All Hello, Sign in. But thou, whether thine own resolve or some god has brought thee to our shores, do thou enjoy my kingdom’s comforts. And cake (liba) since a part is offered on the sacred hearth. Here Romulus enclosed his lucus, the asylum for fugitives. The king took his stand, and, his head veiled in a snow-white hood, lifted up his hands, hands which the gods already knew so well. Ovid’s Fasti). 79. And her belly swelled with the divine burden. Drafted alongside the Metamorphoses before the poet's exile, it was only published after the death of Augustus, and involves a wide range of myth, Roman history, religion, astronomy and explication of the calendar. The games are the Cerealia. From cloudless air, believe what I say, wonderful but true. She also teaches how to traverse the upright warp with the shuttle, and she drives home the loose threads with the comb. 88. Now the field’s fruitful, now’s the time for cattle breeding. Nor, poor Faustulus, the help that you gave. ‘Attack the water with oars!’ cried the captain. ISBN: 9781107602465. 27. To their accustomed springs the woodland spirits came, and slaked their thirst with copious draughts of wine. He stood and leant on the stump of a branch. And, foundering, it perished, when all had landed. Of them one was the taller and by its heavy boughs spread a canopy over the whole world, and with its foliage touched the topmost stars. He knew the arts of Rome, then, who fought well: He was fluent, who could hurl the javelin, then. When he learned the misfortunes of the two sisters, “This land,” said he, “small though it be, is thine,” and he would have observed the duties of hospitality to the end, but that he feared Pygmalion’s57 mighty power. (2. The single day compounded of the (five) parts is to be added to the lustre. The tuneful trumpets, and sacrifice to the mighty god. Thrice did the god thunder from a cloudless sky, thrice did he hurl his bolts. And set out cups filled with fragrant wine. If Hannibal is meant here, Ovid refers to the Second Punic War, which began in 218 B.C., but the practice really varied until it was finally fixed in 153 B.C. Nothing indeed has ever pleased Venus more. Sammlung Tusculum. [403] When from her saffron cheeks Tithonus’ spouse38 shall have begun to shed the dew at the time of the fifth morn, the constellation, whether it be the Bear-ward or the sluggard Bootes, will have sunk and will escape thy sight. That had been his dower, accompanied only by Achates. Or because she came to us as a captive at the conquest of the Falerii?85 This very fact is attested by an ancient inscription. It is the fifth month in the calendar of the Laurentines, the tenth in the calendar of the hardy Aequians, the fourth in the calendar of the folk of Cures, and the soldierly Pelignians agree with their Sabine forefathers; both peoples reckon Mars the god of the fourth month.8 In order that he might take precedence of all these, Romulus assigned the beginning of the year to the author of his being. Liber pater. Let no man know of this, and let me burn with pangs unuttered, lest they should think that I deserve to be deceived so oft. The warlike goddess delights in naked swords. Less. It’s said he leapt from the fecund neck of dead Medusa. Silvia, the Vestal, (why not begin with her?). When the wives gathered to the call in Juno’s temple: Among them, my daughter-in-law dared to speak: “Oh, all you ravished women (we have that in common). When the Morning Star has three times heralded the dawn. Then Mamurius made answer thus: “Give me glory for my reward, and let my name be chanted at the end of the song.” Hence the priests pay the reward that was promised for the work of old, and they invoke Mamurius.35. Briareus sacrificed it with an adamantine axe. 12. The corn had been taken to be threshed a third time. Greece, defeated had not yet transmitted her arts. Worship her, you who ready bronze cauldrons for fleeces. Anna, was driven from her home, weeping on leaving. Iarbas was a suitor for Dido (Virgil, Aen. (And to confirm that belief I shall give many proofs). Take time to set aside you lance and follow Pallas’. Italy and Sicily Ovid's Fasti Ovid's Rome: Major Sites and Monuments. Example: and find something to do while unarmed. A great gust drove the ship to the Laurentine shore. My mother loves brides; a crowd of mothers throngs my temple; so pious a reason is above all becoming to her and me.” 26 Bring ye flowers to the goddess; this goddess delights in flowering plants; with fresh flowers wreathe your heads. 30. Software. Have fallen in merited death. Mars saw her, seeing her desired her, desiring her. They couldn’t touch the heaven’s gliding Standards. When the third night of the month initiates its rising, One of the two fishes will have vanished. The ravished women were now almost mothers. Tubilustrium. Shield our leaders with your aegis forever. [Dionysos was bull-horned]. Skip to main Where are the oaths that thou wast wont to swear? [879] When four times from that day the shepherd shall have folded the cloying kids, and four times the grass shall have whitened under the fresh dew, it will be time to adore Janus, and gentle Concord with him, and Roman Safety, and the altar of Peace. In the Arician vale there is a lake begirt by shady woods and hallowed by religion of old.28 Here Hippolytus29 lies hid, who by the reins of his steeds was rent in pieces: hence no horses enter that grove. Bacchus, keep faith, nor prefer any woman to a wife’s love. 59. Egeria it is who doth supply the water, goddess dear to the Camenae31; she was wife and councillor to Numa. Only their own, and it was a great crime to lose them. Consus will tell you. And Tusculum’s whose walls Telegonus made. Who then had noticed the Hyades or the Pleiads, daughters of Atlas, or that there were two poles in the firmament? In order to take precedence over all these, at least. Theirs were of straw: But the straw won a reverence. Tusculum. But even the Grape-Gatherer will not yet have escaped you: The origin of that star-name also can be swiftly told. Witness Philippi and they whose scattered bones whiten the ground. And a more liberated life are adopted, for you: Or is it because, in the days when the ancients tilled the fields. Romulus and Remus, sons of Ilia (Silvia), or descendants of Ilus (founder of Troy). Gracious Numa said to him: ‘Ask a reward for your work, You’ll not ask in vain of one known for honesty.’. On the hill that now has the name of Esquiline. Long time had Liber heard her plaint, for as it chanced he followed close behind. Unknown. Phoebus had scarcely risen above the horizon: Their anxious minds trembled with hope and fear. Jove carried his lightning bolts after the Giants dared. The first day is bloodless, and sword fights are unlawful. 74. I thought I was tending the Trojan flame, and the woollen band. 83. 949. Ovid's Fasti. Ovid: Fasti Book 3 [nach diesem Titel suchen] Cambridge University Press Mai 2019, 2019. Numa Pompilius, led to Rome from the lands of olives. Ovid's Fasti Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4 Book 5 Book 6. And instituted ten companies of men with spears. He added sixty-five days to three hundred. They carried a spear and one of the ancilia or sacred shields. 87. More An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. And earlier, Mars was worshipped above all the gods: A warlike people gave him their enthusiasm. 51. You were the first to offer up cinnamon and incense. Juno, who as Jupiter’s wife pursued Semele’s son with a stepmother’s hatred. Possessed her, by divine power hiding his theft. [849] The last day of the five reminds us to purify the melodious trumpets86 and to sacrifice to the strong god.87. And was about to set the innards on the flames: But Jupiter ordered the birds to snatch them: and the Kite. Jupiter will give sure pledges of empire.” They separated full of doubt, and thought it long to await the promised sigh; their belief hung on the coming day. I might have ended my griefs once and for all. Nor did the ancients have as many Kalends as us: Their year was shorter than ours by two months. Now when the stars glitter in the dark-blue sky. Caesar’s eternal godhead protects the eternal fire. That god, the founder of a mighty house, did not. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. 1933. He is the young Jupiter: see his youthful face: Then see his hand, holding no lightening bolt. 53. And the Scythians, and the races of incense-bearing India. Each year: yet everyone held them to be gods. The next four are celebrated with gladiatorial shows. But when to-morrow’s sun shall have put forth his full orb, I will give thee pure pledges of empire.” He spake, and in a loud peal of thunder was wafted above the riven sky, leaving Numa worshipping. Beating time to the words with ready hands. 78. There you’ll find a man who quaffs Nestor’s years. One, the daughter of a king, pleased Bacchus intensely. A mighty blast pulled the ship to the Laurentine shore; she went down and perished, but all on board got safe to land. 24. Or because her law ordains ‘capital’ punishment. Sweet slumber overpowered and crept stealthily over her eyes, and her languid hand dropped from her chin. Her wretched sister’s fate was before her eyes. While, accompanied by Achates alone, he paced barefoot a lonely path on the shore with which his wife had dowered him, he spied Anna wandering, nor could bring himself to think that it was she. Behold unknown winged things gather to the jangling. She used to make coarse cakes with a trembling hand. The onion, human hair, and fish, are prescribed as expiation for a thunderstroke. After the Ides: Bacchus, favour the poet who sings your feast. And the withered laurel is taken from the Trojan hearth. Introduction Further Reading Translation and Latin Text Summary of Fasti Omissions from Fasti. But all the daring sinners who, in defiance of the gods’ will, profaned the pontiff’s head, lie low in death, the death they merited. To the countless titles Caesar chose to earn. Already had she happily exchanged a perjured spouse for Bacchus, she who gave to a thankless man a clue to gather up.48 Joying in her lot of love, “Why like a rustic maiden did I weep?” quoth she; “his faithlessness has been my gain.” Meantime Liber had conquered the straight-haired Indians and returned, loaded with treasure, from the eastern world. ‘Tis thought the horned Numicius60 swept her away in his swollen stream and hid her in his pools. The Carthaginians came from Tyre. Libations derive their name from their originator. Alas, where is sworn faith? So laws were made, that the stronger might not take all. Then he hid with his people inside the cave. And yet the earlier ages had worshipped Mars above all gods4; therein a warlike folk followed their bent. Before her bed, her straggling hair stained with her blood, Crying: ‘Flee, don’t hesitate, flee this gloomy house!’. 44. You blamed Theseus and called him a deceiver: According to that judgement your own sin is worse. [167] “If bards may list to secret promptings of the gods, as surely rumour thinks they may, tell me, thou Marching God (Gradivus), why matrons keep thy feast, whereas thou art apter to receive service from men.” Thus I inquired, and thus did Mars answer me, laying aside his helmet, though in his right hand he kept his throwing spear: “Now for the first time in the year am I, a god of war, invoked to promote the pursuits of peace, and I march into new camps, nor does it irk me so to do; upon this function also do I love to dwell, lest Minerva should fancy that such power is hers alone. 80. 6. And every man reclines there with his girl. Cf. Toga virilis. Thither they escorted Anna, like a bride, with a veil upon her face. 3. Father turn your mild head here, and gentle horns. Of Falerii? Meanwhile Bacchus had conquered the straight-haired Indians. Realm, and Iarbas the Moor captured and held the palace. Now what was once woodland and the haunt of cattle. And sitting lazily on the back of an ass, and leaning upon a branch stump he greedily reached at the honey stored in the bole. The king returned joyful and told the Quirites of what had passed. Paperback $19.42. The right of intermarriage is granted to peoples far away; yet was there no people that would wed with Romans. Haply thou mayest ask, What has a poet to do with Mars? (He still wept, moved by your memory, Elissa): ‘Anna, I swear, by this land that you once knew, A happier fate had granted me, and by the gods. He is the Young Jupiter: look on his youthful face; look then on his hand, its holds no thunderbolts. Battus was king there, and was a wealthy host. The Numidians immediately invaded the defenceless. And grass appeared on the stone-cold hearths. From whatsoever source thou doest derive the title, O Pallas, do thou hold thine aegis ever before our leaders. And to me it’s no less a sign that past years began so. While on a branch rashly picking the shining grapes. Rome was little, if you wish to trace its first beginnings. Catch them and clap them in bonds.” And she revealed the ruse by which they could be caught. 62 backers Shipping destination The honour of the High Priesthood was added. Book II: February 3. Witness my promise, cloudy Styx.”. Theoi Project © Copyright 2000 - 2017 Aaron J. Atsma, New Zealand. Please refer to our Privacy Policy. Why, Liber, didst thou save me to die on desert sands? ‘Twas night: before her sister’s bed it seemed that Dido stood, her unkempt hair dabbled in blood. Hence Romulus divided the hundred senators into ten groups, and instituted ten companies of spear-men (hastate); and just so many companies there were of first-line men (principes), and also of javelin-men (pilani); and so too with the men who served on horses furnished by the state. Their pledges of love, to your care and divinity: Or because you’re Liber, the gown of liberty. Welcome shalt thou be for thine own sake and welcome for thy sister’s.” She believed his words, for no other hope was left her, and she told her wanderings. Hippocrene, the “Horse’s Fountain” on Helicon. And the rekindled flame acquires new strength. The common folk come, and scattered here and there over the green grass they drink, every lad reclining beside his lass. The answer you seek is plainly before your eyes. This refers to the Secession of the Plebs in 494 B.C. I have learned to love my love for ever. Languidly she rose, not knowing why she rose. Her brother was more cruel than any sea. Father Liber loves honey: its right to offer its discoverer. [763] The reason why a woman presides at the festival is plain enough: Bacchus rouses bands of women by his thyrsus. Who knows not that the infants throve on the milk of a wild beast, and that a woodpecker often brought food to the abandoned babes? Having won an assured position among the poets of the day, Ovid turned to more-ambitious projects, the Metamorphoses and the Fasti (“Calendar”; Eng. 10. You can see the little shrine of Minerva Capta. They say that when Juno his stepmother was searching. She lost sleep, lay there heavily: and already. 7. The goddess said: ‘Don’t be so afraid! This lady to you: shipwrecked, I lived at her expense. Anna, you’ll find some to say you’re a nymph, daughter. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Which the goddess first occupied on her birthday. Egeria was one of the Camenae, water-nymphs whose spring flowed in a sacred grove outside the Porta Capena; but these came to be identified with the Muses. Alas! Often a woman whose prayer is answered, brow wreathed. thought he to himself. We call ingenuity “capital”; the goddess herself is ingenious.84 Did she get name of Capta because she is said to have leapt forth motherless with her shield from the crown of her father’s head (caput)? His lightning blasted her, and Jupiter caught up her unborn child, and sewed him into his own thigh, until the proper time for birth. Raising his hands, that the god now knew so well. The satyrs ran to the spot and laughed at their parent’s swollen face: he limped on his hurt knee. With March, too, the magistrates are recorded to have entered on office, down to the time when, faithless Carthaginians, thou didst wage thy war.16 Lastly, the month of Quintilis is the fifth (quintus) month, reckoned from March, and with its begin the months which take their names from numbers. The rest of what happened that day when you sing his rites. The World of Ovid’s Fasti Greece in Ovid’s Fasti Italy and Sicily Ovid’s Fasti Ovid’s Rome: Major Sites and Monuments. When slumber left them, they tried and strained to burst the shackles, but the more they strained the stronger held the shackles. The murder of Julius Caesar, 44 B.C., on the Ides of March. Near the fishy streams of stony Crathis there is a champain small; the natives call it Camere.58 Thither she bent her course, and was no farther off than nine shots of a sling, when the sails at first dropped and flapped in the puffs of wind. A year was when the moon returned to full for the tenth time: And that was a number that was held in high honour: Because it’s the number of fingers we usually count with. It’s the time for which the sad widow mourns her man. Ovid seems to have thought that the intercalary day was added in each period of five years. Behold again you sands, how you receive my tears! Phoenicians. Of stony Crathis: the local people call it Camere. ‘It will surely be believed,’ he said, ‘if the event follows. My speech: listen, all you here, to what tomorrow brings. The waves attacked them, and the ocean heaved. And thus he spoke: “The time has come to receive the promised boon; fulfil thy promise, Jupiter.” Even while he spoke, the sun had already lifted his full orb above the horizon, and a loud crash rang out from heaven’s vault. 38. Therefore in his arrangement of the year he kept the familiar number. And from that point we begin a fresh interval. [43] When now two heavenly signs remained for the bright god to traverse, before the year could complete its course and run out, Silvia became a mother. You’ll share my name just as you’ve shared my bed. So, untaught and lacking in science, each five-year lustre. Or because a woman produces in ten months. Or was it because, in the days when the ancients tilled the fields more diligently, and a senator laboured on his ancestral land, when a consul exchanged the bent plough for the rods and exes of office, and it was no crime to have horny hands, the country folk used to come to the City for the games (but that was an honour paid to the gods, not a consession to the popular tastes, the discoverer of the grape74 held on his own day those games which now he shares with the torch-bearing goddess75); and the day therefore seemed not unsuitable for conferring the gown, in order that a crowd might gather round the novice? The National Endowment for the Humanities provided support for entering this text. And begins those that take their names from numerals. ‘Capital’ ingenuity: the goddess is herself ingenious. The king quaked, and terror filled the hearts of the common folk. As though from ancisus (in Varro ambecisus). The trim girl leaping about with streaming hair. Homer calls him the best of leather-cutters, Il. In 46 B.C. Sleep left her; she lay big, for already within her womb there was Rome’s founder. And said: ‘Together, let us seek the depths of the sky! And to my thinking no small proof that the years of old began with March is furnished by the observation that Anna Perenna15 begins to be worshipped in this month. Ovid: Fasti Book 3 Ovid is now firmly established as a central figure in the Latin poetic canon, and his Fasti is his most complex elegy.

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