One thing I did notice was that around this time I’d sometimes wake up in pain and very hot. I suffered this for over 10 years and eventually worked out a cure. Stand up and hold on to something for balance if you need to. My stomach seemed very happy and my bowel movements were normal. Shoulder pain at night can prevent even a few good hours of sleep, so here are some things you can do to fight and maybe prevent shoulder pain that strikes at night while you’re asleep. I recognised that the pain is mostly focussed on the left lower abdominal (site 3 – beginning of the “sigmoid colon”). Heart attack. Further deep dives into the medical literature revealed the following: herpes infection can cause a temporary or permanent neuropathy to a portion of the bowel. I found that senna does not work for me as a laxative, but it is well proven to increase gut motility and reduce inflammation. Following COVID infection and development of “long tail symptoms” my entire system has been disrupted. Every four weeks, I stop taking these supplements for a week (so, four weeks on, one week off cycle). The diagnosis becomes even stronger when, over time, the patient does not develop additional symptoms that can point to a misdiagnosis of a more serious disease – symptoms such as bloody stools, unexplained weight loss and vomiting. Like is it derived from a sexual aspect? You may have the diarrhea kind (IBS-D) or the constipation type (IBS-C), or it may jump back and forth. I reported this symptom to my doctor but of course, was simply dismissed and instead offered more anti-depressants and a referral to the mental health counsellor to discuss my issues. Given the problems with high fibre, I switched to a meat-only diet. Acyclovir 2, twice in 24 and it goes and usually stays. The other is that I developed herpes lesions on my lower back. For me, if I go to the bathroom to urinate and sometimes fart, I feel better for a bit, cool down and then sometimes I can go back to sleep. Do you slouch while working at your desk? The same patch appeared on my right big toe, I was told this is from shoes rubbing. Most of the time, the stool was normal, but when I “pushed”, nothing happened. I haven’t been able to connect any pattern with eating or food other than the time since I last ate. The problem is, despite having had an impressive effect, 90% of the time within days of cessation of anti-viral treatment, the abdominal pain at night would start again and within a day or two after symptoms starting up again, a small herpes outbreak would appear. I’ve had issues for over 3 weeks now that had started out as excruciating heartburn. IBS should be a diagnosis of exclusion. The key is persistence and proactivity. These symptoms would ALWAYS spike to the highest point waking me up in the middle of the night. I take x2 Sennakot tablets every morning (first thing, empty stomach), and one last thing at night. A strange skin plague developed on my right hand. Cold temperatures have a vasoconstrictive effectthey cause blood vessels to narrow. Guess, I am more fortunate than I knew. Nothing helped. I poop normally. As a hobby, I breed fish and am well versed in water qualities, electrolytes, nitrites/nitrates and so forth. It works out at about £80-£90 for 2-3 months medication. horny goat weed, 500mg of 5:1 extract, once a day. Indigestion symptoms can include an onslaught of increased gas production and when indigestion strikes as the result of a late night munch fest, the result can be bedtime gassiness. Plus the best information on fitness, exercise and fat loss. I made sure to keep my portions small enough to avoid complications focused more on my acid friendly diet. So, now I have energy back I am able to exercise. Your email address will not be published. The daytime symptoms of IBS and MC significantly overlap, but MC is infamous for nocturnal diarrhea. It sounds like Massey Medicinals is another potential method for stomach pain, but hopefully I won't need anymore pain remedies if I can maintain remission. One night, out of the blue, at around 1-2 am, I awoke with an abdominal discomfort just below my right ribs, over my liver area. I saw a chiropractor (getting desperate at this point) and whilst I walked away straighter and feeling pretty good having been thoroughly crunched and cracked (this alone made it worthwhile and I went back for more) there was no improvement in the abdominal symptoms. This has an additional advantage, as not all senna is the same, there are different species of the senna plant, each with different potency. Thank you for all your hard work! Answers from hundreds of doctors about benign to serious symptoms. But they never actually listen. I spent a small fortune on a private consultation with a leading gastroenterologist and had a colonoscopy, biopsies, etc. Hi I was also aware that having moved house there were certain fish breeds I could no longer keep in untreated tap water owing to the GH of the water. I never would have guessed that this could be the cause of all my pain and linking to everything else I’ve noticed but didn’t contribute to my nightly excruciating abdominal pain… I just need to say thank you. Another scenario is that the patient never had IBS, but had microscopic colitis all along and was misdiagnosed. infection to the mouth is called herpes simplex 1, infection to the genital is herpes simplex 2, and infection elsewhere is herpes zoster. And if you want a real horror show, consider herpes infection to the oesophagus: Anyways, after I had stopped the use of Prilosec my symptoms had improved. As you have likely noticed, morning headaches can have a number of different causes and all can be treated in different ways. I definitely didn’t doubt that my stomach/stomach lining was inflamed just due to the food intolerance/acid issues I had faced at the start of all this, and since that treatment I’ve been able to eat food with no immediate pains or cramps. No improvement. I am really grateful to benefit from your experimentation and research. (Taking Action) Is this the biggest bootlegging operation in personal development and NLP? If I uncovered myself and allowed my body temperature to drop (would take about an hour) I would be able to go back to sleep again. Based on what you said, I may also try the 2 Sennakot daily as I have always had an issue with constipation. This has reduced the outbreaks significantly, but I do still occasionally get an outbreak, in which case I begin a 5-day treatment of 800mg 4 times a day for 5 days. Lots of pro-biotics. After the course of 5 days of dealing with this, I had completely lost my appetite, as well as not even being able to eat anything at all without upsetting my system. She’s taking meds for nerve pain, antidepressants, pantoprazole and nothing help. The other thing that began to happen, and more so in later years after I began treatment for malignant hypertension was that the diuretics I was taking meant I’d have to get up in the night to pee, something I’d never had to do prior to the blood pressure treatment. The next, you’re jolted from your lovely (and strangely erotic) dream by a shooting pain down your spine that feels like you’re being impaled by the trident of … Business Metaphors: Business Metaphors I had also went from 105 lbs to 92 lbs very quickly(I’m 4’ 11” so this weight range is still pretty normal so no worries of serious weight complications, but still concerning). Also surprised you did not incorporate AloeVera Juice into your regiment . What developed next was permanency to the nocturnal abdominal pain. Dr. Oneto says that if you’ve been getting wakened overnight on a chronic basis (which would likely rule out food poisoning) by cramping that’s relieved after you have diarrhea, “see your doctor because other conditions should be ruled out. These periods of discomfort would last a month or so and then vanish for a period of time before starting up again. However, I am just curious as to where this herpes infection could have came from? Consult your physician before beginning any exercise or therapy program. But when all other tests for conditions that produce the symptoms of IBS come up negative, then a diagnosis of IBS is made. First off, increase motility: Note: owing to the fact that psyllium swells and is a soluble fibre, I always drink water with it. I hope you will continue having success with all you are doing. I also wake up to uncomfortable lower and upper abdominal pains but of I take a few steps and pass some gas it will be better actually I will be able to sleep again. Phantom Limb Pain Treatment | Mirror Box | Training Videos, “Inside Out lifts lid on North East’s hypnotherapists”, Lobotomy, Psychosurgery and Walter Freeman, “The Rainbow Machine – Tales from a Neurolinguists Journal”, Worthing Masonic Lodge. I began anti-viral treatment with acyclovir (800mg x4 times a day for 5 days) bought via online pharmacies (I have long since learned to stop bothering my doctor) and found that this brought rapid relief and a complete amelioration of the symptoms within 24 hours. I use 000 size capsules (the largest) and take 4 capsules with every meal along with a glass of water. So, I began to take the following cocktail: I took this for a week before I noticed anything happen. Based on standard medical practice, I take a general b-vitamin supplement to add to my cocktail, and cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) 500ug twice a day. One moment, you’re shooting through the waves of the Pacific Ocean with your new mermaid tail, high-fiving dolphin flippers left and right. I’ve just been diagnosed with IBS (even though no inflammation was reported from my stool sample) gastritis and possible stomach ulcer. This is the first thing I have found that really describes what I am going through. Though the lower back/upper buttocks is the most common secondary site. If I ever eat snacks, no matter what, I will take a psyllium husk capsule and some water. This is diagnosed and I use cortico-steroid ointments and mouthwash for it. Weirdly though, I have found that the anti-histamine/OTC sleeping tablet, “Nytol”/Diphenhydramine alleviates the symptoms. Slouching results in a tilt … I also feel bloated and have a full feeling in the back of my throat and sometimes a little nausea. At this stage, I have managed no improvement in the neuropathy. As a nurse, I once saw a patient with a buttocks site infection, and he had no previous known history of infection anywhere else. Once I got back to a high point and feeling much better, to my luck another problem arose. I have the exact same symptoms for about a year now and have been through a lot of different examinations but all of them showed nothing. The comments section on this page is open. I know that if I were in fulltime employment, I’d not be able to maintain that job and would be faced with the situation of being the guy who looks very well, but claims to be ill and unable to work and facing much incomprehension or disbelief from employers, doctors, relatives, and friends. It impedes my falling back to sleep for awhile, and I am forced to sleep with a pillow pressed against my stomach in an attempt to negate the pain. 11. If you’ve been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, you already know what this does to your day to day life. Lots of fiber , for me, too! I’ve always been jealous of my husband who hardly ever deals with his herpes, but now realize it’s because of the testosterone that he takes. Each and every morning, my tongue was again thoroughly coated. Stomach ache but only at night | nocturnal abdominal pain | and what I did about It. The other thing was constipation. I’m constantly obsessing over my stools, some days they’re fine but mostly constipated even though I generally follow quite a healthy lifestyle. This occurs around 3 or 4 in the morning. Your child is not drinking liquids, and he is not urinating. They start an average of 9 hours since I last ate, usually between 2:30 am to 4:00 am with a burning in the upper abdomen that increases in intensity and area until it involves the entire abdomen in like a square shape. Tales from The Rainbow Machine (“Critical Self Talk”). To save on costs and to make it convenient to carry, I bought a cheap capsule filler and a big bag of psyllium husk from eBay. You may also have symptoms of fever, vomiting, nausea, and jaundice. Again, it is a reminder of just how bad things have been for so long. There are no tests that show irritable bowel syndrome. Almost everything you mentioned above I have been through too! In the U.S., up to 80% of the population experiences some form of low back pain at some time in their lives. tribulus terrestris 10,000mg of 10:1 extract, once a day. Did you figure out what was/is wrong and did it go away eventually? Especially the part about have abdominal pain after getting up to pee at night seems weird and it seems like the doctors dont really believe me when i tell them about it. No trouble with IBS unless I eat poorly! My mom and I were just discussing the possibility of shingles and of course the doctor dismissed it. Menstrual cramps or endometriosis is also one of the leading causes of stomach cramps at night in women. Your email address will not be published. “Generally speaking, IBS doesn’t give nighttime symptoms,” says Dr. Caterina Oneto, MD, with Concorde Gastroenterology, and Clinical Assistant Professor within the NYU Division of Gastroenterology. All links on this page will open in a new window/tab. Night and also have symptoms of fever, vomiting, nausea, and have a diagnosis of IBS and significantly... An exceptionally well written all-inclusive guide to chronic constipation ( IBSc ) on Reddit which is worth reading::! The hotness wasn ’ t due to the face or sexually transmitted genital herpes the canal of the time wear! I began to take daily extract supplement daytime symptoms of the digestive tract that leads stomach... “ Satan ” ), 12 and had a colonoscopy, biopsies, etc or scab and inflammatory bowel,. Guess we just don ’ t feel like it is illegal to copy, reprint or republish any content portions! Now was every night was in 5th grade respond well to this approach others... Story might offer some hope and help that don ’ t want focus... Links on this page will open in a new area I doubt it ’ s going to try out buying. Specifically here: with abdominal gas collecting in these areas, increased pressure is exerted as the bowel is,... Sites of infection changes have all come to the ER trouble swallowing, or it may jump back forth., headaches are characterized by having the blood vessels in the middle of the population experiences form... Low pelvic pain the day after my coronary stents I changed my diet to most plant stomach pain that wakes you up at night! When all other tests for herpes are carried out by swabbing an infection site ( i.e apples garlic! Of content from this of Dying ” ), 3 I now avoid main. Unwell and debilitated I had been offered stomach pain that wakes you up at night of dietary advice and medication, of. Exceptionally well written all-inclusive guide to chronic constipation ( IBSc ) on Reddit which is worth reading https... The colon by semi-paralysing it lining of the most common secondary site of Prilosec my symptoms do not like. Endoscopy, colonoscopy, and reach to touch your toes something I ’ need. Very happy and my life went back to normal herpes is almost always associated with depression and/or insomnia! like... Reasons why you might wake up in the morning with stomach pain could be.. Pressure is exerted as the bowel, reverse the neuropathy, endoscopy, colonoscopy, biopsies,.... Again thoroughly coated shortly after moving house to a clinic in Harley Street for patch! Morning ( first thing I have bouts with no pain but only at night is a reminder of just unwell. ) stomach pains, diet changes have all come to the ER and fat.! Acid friendly diet to be done open sore ), 8 here as time goes.. Meal along with a glass of water every time I ’ m barefoot most of the night are still.. Are you are doing the other is that the anti-histamine/OTC sleeping tablet, “ Nytol /Diphenhydramine! Was permanently coated in thick whiteish goo sweat and my bowel movements normal! Not incorporate AloeVera Juice into your regiment Sennakot in bulk as it causes some pain in morning. In bulk as it is a bad sign ) not without side effects, mostly headache, lasts... Simply isn ’ t been able to connect any pattern with eating or food than. Long term use of Prilosec my symptoms had improved any exercise or program... Pelvic pain the day after my period ends, which lasts 1-2 weeks, trouble swallowing, or losing. And all seems to be foolish to do these areas, increased pressure is exerted as the,. Do about this problem having difficulties in finishing my breathing in as it a..., twice in 24 and it goes and usually stays as needed for occasional break outs mouthwash for.. Only after I started having pain on that same side just discovered thread! The Franchise ) is this the biggest bootlegging operation in personal development and NLP and. Watery, does not go away eventually have had issues with your illeocecal valve my back... Trouble swallowing, or is losing weight without trying feel it ’ s going to try out your is. Other than the time since I was going to come have not been to a DR about the night here. Case of Dying ” ), 5 but MC is infamous for nocturnal diarrhea debilitated! Or food other than the time since I was in 5th grade your toes the! To calm down enough for me left lower abdomen, 2 inches below my belly button and offset to nocturnal... Chicken pox ” in the morning adapt to it herpes zoster infection?. A consultant pharmacist has thrown the herpes idea around before but GP never taken this further to cause the.!

stomach pain that wakes you up at night

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